Video | Be About It: Chronic Hep B (Christopher Wong & Gilead Sciences)

This documentary created by Director Christopher Wong with support of Gilead Sciences aims to raise awareness of Hep B in the Asian American community, stop the stigma, and encourage people to get tested.

Description by Gilead Sciences:

About the Film

BE ABOUT IT is the story of two fathers, two families and their battle against a potentially deadly disease impacting the Asian American community.

Both Alan and AJ contracted hepatitis B (hep B) at birth. Alan is a TV news reporter who saw several family members suffer and die from liver complications due to hep B, and now diligently monitors his own health.

AJ, a radiology technician and triathlete, lost his father to liver cancer 10 years ago. The cause of the cancer – hep B – was not often discussed in AJ’s family.

Through the lives of Alan and AJ, witness how two families cope with the impact of this potentially life-threatening virus.

Beyond the Film – Breaking the Cycle of Hep B:

This documentary and related awareness efforts aim to end the silence associated with hep B by empowering Asian Americans to talk openly about the virus and by motivating communities to learn the facts and dispel the myths about hep B.

By rallying around this film, Asian Americans and others can:

  • Ignite a Conversation. The families featured in the film speak candidly about their experiences with hep B, and their hope is that sharing their stories will inspire others to do the same. To help raise awareness of hep B, people are encouraged to discuss this disease within families, communities and on social media. Join the conversation online by using the hashtag #BeAboutIt.
  • Reduce Stigma. Stigma can lead to discrimination toward people living with hep B, even among family and friends. By educating and eliminating common misconceptions, our communities can help reduce the stigma associated with this virus and empower people to break the cycle of hep B.
  • Know Their Status. As many as 1.4 million people living in the U.S. with chronic hep B are not aware that they have it. However, by undergoing a simple blood test – one that is often covered by health insurance – individuals can learn their hep B status.


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