Advocacy Committee

Join community members to support the City Council funded Viral Hepatitis Initiative and to advocate for other local, state, or federal policy and legislative issues.


  1. Educate City Council members on the impact of the Viral Hepatitis Initiative
  2.  Share information with community members, staff from community-based organizations focused on harm reduction, syringe exchange, drug user health, immigrant and foreign-born populations, people with HIV/AIDS, and others at risk of viral hepatitis regarding advocacy and legislative issues
  3. Provide information to the HepFreeNYC community regarding state and federal legislative issues

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Hep Free NYC Advocacy Committee Meeting Highlights

Hep Free NYC Advocacy Committee – Quarterly Meeting Highlights Via Zoom webinar – March 10, 2021 (3 – 5 PM)

NoHep Global Contest for Viral Hepatitis Stories

Has viral hepatitis impacted your life or the life of someone you care about? Are you willing to share your story to help spur change? The NoHep team is collecting stories about hepatitis and we need your help!

Advocacy Alert | Submit Comments for CDC on Universal Adult Hep B Vaccination Recommendation

CDC ACIP is undergoing an analysis of evidence and rationale to determine if they should make a recommendation for universal adult hep B vaccination. The decision is important in efforts to increase adult hep B immunization rates. Submit both written and oral public comments for the CDC ACIP meetings on June 23-24 and October 20-21.

Advocacy Alert | Ask your NYC Council Member to refund the Viral Hepatitis Initiative in FY22

Your email will ensure Council is aware Viral Hepatitis Initiative funding is critical to the communities at risk for Hep B and C in NYC, who have also been hit hardest by the global coronavirus pandemic.


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