Hep C Task Force Round Table Meeting Highlights | Brooklyn – 10-26-17

Brooklyn Hep C Round Table

Meeting Highlights

October 26 (2:30 – 5:00 PM) Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Plaza

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In Attendance: See Below

Next Meeting Date
Tuesday, February 6, 2018 (2:30 PM – 5:00 PM)
Restoration Plaza – 1368 Fulton Street, Brooklyn NY  11216


Suzanne Robinson Davis, Brooklyn Hep C Task Force Chairperson, and Program Director at Bedford-Stuyvesant Family Health Center (SRobinsonDavis@bsfhc.org)

Overview of Hep C in NYC, and Impact on Brooklyn
Natalie Octave, MPH, CHES, NYC Department of Health (noctave@health.nyc.gov)

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Discussion of Brooklyn’s Hep C needs

  • Increased dissemination of Hep C information as it relates to:
    • Patients guide on how to request Hep C test from their healthcare providers. Will consider developing this guide online or in print.
    • Hep C Treatment and insurance/payment options.
    • Common barriers to diagnosis and treatment along with instructions on how to overcome them

Discussion of Possible Group Project

  • Coordinating a Hep C focused art competition to raise awareness to Brooklyn Communities. Winners’ work would be made into a poster and posted on organizations’ websites and or creased into murals to continue raising awareness.
  • Develop testimonial video of patients cured from Hep C
  • Host Hep C focused community forum (suggested venues – Brooklyn Public Library)
  • Advertise Hep C Health Education on prescription bags
  • Get involved in the Hep Free NYC Public Education Committee

 Updates since Meeting

  • Planning phase of collaboration with public libraries to offer regular Hep C Information Sessions
  • Collaboration with a local Specialty Pharmacy to include Hep C awareness material in its prescription bags
  • Preparation for grant submission that can cover some of the cost for the group project

In Attendance:

  1. Angel Cotto, Hep C- Prevention Specialist, Wyckoff Medical Center, acotto@wyckoffhospital.org
  2. Angela Bruce, Social Worker, Brooklyn Family Psychological Services, clarabruc@yahoo.com
  3. Anna Golub, Reginal Account Manager, Briova Rx, golub@briovarx.com
  4. Cherie Byrd, Hep C Program Coordinator, Housing Works, byrd@housingworks.org
  5. David Cushman, Sr. HCV Therapeutic Specialist, Gilead Sciences, cushman@gilead.com
  6. Elaine West, Patient Navigator, Vocal – NY, eshortydoowop@gmail.com
  7. Elan Katz, CEO, QuickRx, ekatz@quickrxspeciality.com
  8. Fernando Valerio, Check Hep C Patient Navigator, Community Health Care Network, fvalerio@chnnyc.org
  9. Hasani Escobar, Bedford-Stuyvesant Family Health Center hescobar@bsfhc.org
  10. Heather Anderson, Associate Director|FOCUS Regional Lead, Gilead, anderson2@gilead.com
  11. Hildegarde Reimers, Co-Managing Director of Quality and Value Based Initiatives, Brownsville Community Development Corporation, hreimers@bmsfhc.org
  12. James Spellman, Associate Director, Viral Hepatitis Medical Affairs, Gilead Science, spellman@gilead.com
  13. Lucy Vega, Check Hep C Patient Navigator, Bedford Stuyvesant Family Health Center, lvega@bsfhc.org
  14. Nahomie Lolo, Prevention Navigator, Haitian-American Community, Inc., nlolo@hccinc.org
  15. Natalie Octave, Project Coordinator, DOHMH, nocatve@health.nyc.gov
  16. Nirah Johnson, Director of Capacity Building, DOHMH, njohnso2@health.nyc.gov
  17. Rachel Redding, Program Assistant, DOHMH, rredding@health.nyc.gov
  18. Sondra Scott, Hep C Patient, Community Health Network, sondra_scott@yahoo.com
  19. Suzanne Robinson Davis, Brooklyn Hep C Task Force Chairperson, and Program Director at Bedford-Stuyvesant Family Health Center, SRobinsonDavis@bsfhc.org
  20. Tracy Griffith, Hep C Coordinator, SUNY Downstate – STAR Program, griffith@downstate.edu
  21. Vernon Watson, Sale Director of HIV, Island Care Pharmacy Specialty HIV/AIDS Hep C, vernonw@islandcarerx.com
  22. Wendy Guerrer, Program Coordinator, Haitian Center Council, wguerrier@hhcinc.org
  23. Will Cusick, Hep C Program Coordinator, Housing Works, w.cusick@housingworks.org

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