HIV/HCV Treatment Access Committee Notes

January 17th (10 AM – Noon)
NYC Department of Health, Long Island City,
In Attendance: See Below

Project SUCCEED: Eliminating Hep C in PLWH in NYC – Updates

HIV/HCV Treatment Access Committee Meeting Highlights
January 17, 2019 — 10:00am to 12:00pm
NYC Heath Department, Long Island City
In Attendance, see below

Committee Notes: (See slides)

Project SUCCEED Update here
MaNtsetse Kgama, MPH, Project Manager, NYC Health Department; mkgama1@health.nyc.gov

  • Brief Overview of Project SUCCEED’s Goal and Strategy provided
  • Behavioral Health in SUCCEED Cohort

Kizzi Belfon, MPH, HIV/HCV Surveillance & Evaluation Analyst, NYC Health Department

  • Of the 24 facilities who provided detail, 18% (126 people)  had a behavioral health related barrier to HCV treatment
  • Data collected from chart reviews
  • Overall consensus that mental health in population is under reported
  • HIV/HCV: A Behavioral Health and Psycho-Social Perspective

Dr. Francine Cournos, MD, Principal Investigator, AIDS Education & Training Center;
AETC National HIV Curriculum

  • View presentation here.
  • Preface: Brain/Body cannot be separated. The health of one impacts the other.
  • More research on HIV/AIDS and mental health compared to HCV and mental health
  • Important to focus on co-infection because:
    •  HIV and HCV coinfection increase the risk of progressing to serious liver disease and cancer
    • In NYC most people with HIV/AIDS are in care, so this is a good opportunity to treat and eliminate HCV

Case Presentations

Case Study #1 – BronxCare Health System, Courtney Dower, MBA; CDower@bronxleb.org
Case Study #2 – BrightPoint Health, Lettice Maldonado, MPA; lmaldonado@brightpointhealth.org

  • View presentations here.
  • HIV/HCV Co-infected people with behavioral health diagnosis can be cured of HCV
  • Utilize resources, such as  DOT, to help routinize treatment
  • Coordination needed to advocate for treating HCV in those with unsuppressed HIV viral loads
  • Patience, Motivational Interviewing and health education key to helping patient prioritize HCV Care

Ryan White Part A Care Coordination Program & Hepatitis C
Scarlet Macias, MPH, Quality Management Specialist, NYC Health Department; smacias@health.nyc.gov

  • View Presentation here.

Tye Seabrook, MPH, Quality Management Specialists, NYC Health Department;

Upcoming Events
Project SUCCEED: Hep C Elimination in People Living with HIV – Citywide Progress Update Meeting.
February 27th (9 AM – 2 PM). The Center; 208 West 13th St.; New York, NY 10011. RSVP.
SUCCEED interventions sites will share their project progress.
NYC Health Department Training: www.nychealthtraining.org/training

  • Intro to Viral Hepatitis. February 26, 2019 (Half day)
  • Hep C Point of Care Testing. March 12, 2019 (Half day)
  • Hep C Patient Navigation. March 27, 2019 (Full day)

Community Training

Additional resources available at www.hepfree.nyc/projectsucceed

In Attendance:

1. Alexis Brenes, NYC Health Department, abrenes@health.nyc.gov
2. Brian Hennessey, Housing Works, Inc, b.hennessey@housingworks.org
3. Cherry Jones, Mount Sinai Health System, cherry.jones@mountsinai.org
4. Christina Bowles, Bronx Parent Housing Network, c.bowles@bphn.org
5. Courtney Dower, BronxCare Health System, CDower@bronxleb.org
6. Damien Thomas,National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS, dthomas@nblca.org
7. Farma Pene, NYC Health Department, fpene@health.nyc.gov
8. Fernando Valerio, Community Health Care Networks, fvalerio@chnnyc.org
9. Francine Cournos, Northeast AETC, fc15@cumc.columbia.edu
10. Gil A Cerpa, Praxis Housing Initiatives,Inc., gacerpa@PRAXISHOUSING.org
11. Gillian Saunders, Housing Works, Inc, G.Saunders@housingworks.org
12. Gracine S. Lewis, AIDS Education Training Center, gs2375@cumc.columbia.edu
13. Jill Pace, Mount Sinai, Jill.Pace@mountsinai.org
14. Justin Blain, National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS, JBlain@nblca.org
15. Kate Penrose, NYC Health Department, kpenrose@health.nyc.gov
16. Kizzi Belfon, NYC Health Department, hep@health.nyc.gov
17. Lettice Maldonada, Brightpoint Health, lmaldonado@brightpointhealth.org
18. MaNtsetse Kgama, NYC Health Department, mkgama1@health.nyc.gov
19. Marie Bresnahan, NYC Health Department, mbresnahan@health.nyc.gov
20. Natalia Kwon, Abbvie, natalia.kwon@abbvie.com
21. Natalie Octave, New York City Health Department, noctave@health.nyc.gov
22. Nirah Johnson, NYC Health Department, njohnso2@health.nyc.gov
23. Onycha Banton, NYC Health Department, obanton@health.nyc.gov
24. Sarah Ahmed, NYC Health Department, sahmed10@health.nyc.gov
25. Scarlett Macias, NYC Health Department, smacias@health.nyc.gov
26. Sheryl Young, NYC Health Department, csr@health.nyc.gov
27. Stacey Saunders, GMHC, staceys@gmhc.org
28. Steve Beltre, HCMSG, sbeltre@hepatitiscmsg.org
29. Tom Muneyyirci, Abbvie, tom.muneyyirci@abbvie.com
30. Tye Seabrook, NYC Health Department, tseabrook@health.nyc.gov

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