HIV/HCV Treatment Access Committee Notes

January 17th (10 AM – Noon)
NYC Department of Health, Long Island City,
In Attendance: See Below

Project SUCCEED: Eliminating Hep C in PLWH in NYC – Updates

HIV/HCV Treatment Access Committee Meeting Highlights
January 17, 2019 — 10:00am to 12:00pm
NYC Heath Department, Long Island City
In Attendance, see below

Committee Notes: (See slides)

Project SUCCEED Update here
MaNtsetse Kgama, MPH, Project Manager, NYC Health Department;

  • Brief Overview of Project SUCCEED’s Goal and Strategy provided
  • Behavioral Health in SUCCEED Cohort

Kizzi Belfon, MPH, HIV/HCV Surveillance & Evaluation Analyst, NYC Health Department

  • Of the 24 facilities who provided detail, 18% (126 people)  had a behavioral health related barrier to HCV treatment
  • Data collected from chart reviews
  • Overall consensus that mental health in population is under reported
  • HIV/HCV: A Behavioral Health and Psycho-Social Perspective

Dr. Francine Cournos, MD, Principal Investigator, AIDS Education & Training Center;
AETC National HIV Curriculum

  • View presentation here.
  • Preface: Brain/Body cannot be separated. The health of one impacts the other.
  • More research on HIV/AIDS and mental health compared to HCV and mental health
  • Important to focus on co-infection because:
    •  HIV and HCV coinfection increase the risk of progressing to serious liver disease and cancer
    • In NYC most people with HIV/AIDS are in care, so this is a good opportunity to treat and eliminate HCV

Case Presentations

Case Study #1 – BronxCare Health System, Courtney Dower, MBA;
Case Study #2 – BrightPoint Health, Lettice Maldonado, MPA;

  • View presentations here.
  • HIV/HCV Co-infected people with behavioral health diagnosis can be cured of HCV
  • Utilize resources, such as  DOT, to help routinize treatment
  • Coordination needed to advocate for treating HCV in those with unsuppressed HIV viral loads
  • Patience, Motivational Interviewing and health education key to helping patient prioritize HCV Care

Ryan White Part A Care Coordination Program & Hepatitis C
Scarlet Macias, MPH, Quality Management Specialist, NYC Health Department;

  • View Presentation here.

Tye Seabrook, MPH, Quality Management Specialists, NYC Health Department;

Upcoming Events
Project SUCCEED: Hep C Elimination in People Living with HIV – Citywide Progress Update Meeting.
February 27th (9 AM – 2 PM). The Center; 208 West 13th St.; New York, NY 10011. RSVP.
SUCCEED interventions sites will share their project progress.
NYC Health Department Training:

  • Intro to Viral Hepatitis. February 26, 2019 (Half day)
  • Hep C Point of Care Testing. March 12, 2019 (Half day)
  • Hep C Patient Navigation. March 27, 2019 (Full day)

Community Training

  • HepCure – weekly tele-education series. Tuesdays (4:30 – 5:30 PM).
  • Empire Liver Foundation: CME Clinical Provider Trainings offered regularly via live webinar. To learn more, contact:

Additional resources available at

In Attendance:

1. Alexis Brenes, NYC Health Department,
2. Brian Hennessey, Housing Works, Inc,
3. Cherry Jones, Mount Sinai Health System,
4. Christina Bowles, Bronx Parent Housing Network,
5. Courtney Dower, BronxCare Health System,
6. Damien Thomas,National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS,
7. Farma Pene, NYC Health Department,
8. Fernando Valerio, Community Health Care Networks,
9. Francine Cournos, Northeast AETC,
10. Gil A Cerpa, Praxis Housing Initiatives,Inc.,
11. Gillian Saunders, Housing Works, Inc,
12. Gracine S. Lewis, AIDS Education Training Center,
13. Jill Pace, Mount Sinai,
14. Justin Blain, National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS,
15. Kate Penrose, NYC Health Department,
16. Kizzi Belfon, NYC Health Department,
17. Lettice Maldonada, Brightpoint Health,
18. MaNtsetse Kgama, NYC Health Department,
19. Marie Bresnahan, NYC Health Department,
20. Natalia Kwon, Abbvie,
21. Natalie Octave, New York City Health Department,
22. Nirah Johnson, NYC Health Department,
23. Onycha Banton, NYC Health Department,
24. Sarah Ahmed, NYC Health Department,
25. Scarlett Macias, NYC Health Department,
26. Sheryl Young, NYC Health Department,
27. Stacey Saunders, GMHC,
28. Steve Beltre, HCMSG,
29. Tom Muneyyirci, Abbvie,
30. Tye Seabrook, NYC Health Department,


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