The Henne Group is conducting regarding Hepatitis C research by creating an online community which will be exploring the experiences of people living with Hep C.

This is a paid study and completely confidential.

We are contacting you to ask your help in inviting people to be part of a special online community for people who have been diagnosed with Hepatitis C. This exclusive site is managed by Communispace ( This will be a great opportunity to connect and share with others through an online Community.

They can participate in this online community whenever and wherever it is convenient.  We will ask for opinions and ideas in a variety of ways, including surveys, discussion boards, and brainstorming sessions. Members will typically spend about 5 to 15 minutes per week in the community. No attempt will be made to sell anything or influence thinking and all participation is confidential.

To thank those that participate for their time and contributing to the community, there will be an opportunity to receive honoraria in the form of Amazon e-gift certificates along the way. The more that participate, the more they win!

For more information, please contact  Nyree Young at  or 415.348.2941

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