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We are currently holding 5-week workshops for people affected by Hep C and peer navigators affected by Hep C.

The Hep C Personal Stories Workshop is a creative space for people living or who lived with Hep C to support the development of storytelling skills. By the end of the workshop, you will have the opportunity to use your storytelling skills to support advocacy efforts, increase awareness, and reduce stigma. Group meets on Wednesdays in the Union Square area.

Join us for the March-April 2016 session!

This workshop can be useful to Hep C Peer Navigators. As a peer navigator, telling your story can be a powerful tool to motivate positive change in others. This workshop can improve patient engagement skills necessary in peer navigation, especially during self-disclosure. You will also have the opportunity to participate in awareness efforts around Hep C. Group meets on Tuesdays in the Union Square area.

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Interested in Collaborating?

We are looking for writers, artists, video, photographers, producers and dissemination opportunities to support the goals of the group! If you are in the position to help support the group development or contribute artistically or technically, please also contact us.


In 2012, we joined in a small group that met monthly in mid-town Manhattan to share our personal stories, and work on ways to develop them so that they can help the world better understand the reality of living with Hepatitis, as well as prevention, management & care.

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