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Paid Hepatitis C studies
(1)  One of them will be conducted in Manhattan that need Hispanic males and females (looking for English as well as Spanish speaking patients) 1 hour interviews for $125 (need to be high school grads or less and with low income). Can be treated or never treated with medications, or currently on treatment.

(2)  One study will be in Philadelphia, 2 hours discussion groups for $125, Any ethnicity, none can be currently on treatment.

(3)  The third study will be 1 hour telephone interviews for $125, must be currently on treatment, with at least some college and household income more than $35,000. No one can have participated in a Hepatitis C study within the past 6 months for this study.

Contact: Winnie Lee   for more information.

 Lotus Winnie Lee

Senior Project Manager

RRU Research – Fusion Focus

+718.222.5600 x 224

U.S. Toll free 877.361.2517


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RRU Research (Formerly Recruiting Resources Unlimited) has been locating qualified research participants for over 35 years.  Our focus groups and interviews are broad in scope, yet small and informal, making it easy for respondents to express ideas and opinions.  Your participation in our research is invaluable and your input will be used for market research purposes only; your opinions are strictly confidential; and there will be absolutely no attempt to sell anything.

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