New HBV CME Course

PRIME Education, LLC (PRIME®) has a new accredited educational program, and they are working with many of our HBV physician leaders: “Sustainable Linkage to Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Care in Community Clinics.” A limited number of pre-qualified healthcare clinics will be offered a $2,500 administrative reimbursement for hosting a live, on-site, clinician led educational session for their patients. The goal of this unique program is to improve HBV screening, linkage to care, and care retention for high-risk patient subpopulations. This program brings together patients with their own clinical team for convenient, confidential, and culturally competent educational sessions.

HBV providers and their clinical teams are invited to participate in the following program objectives:

  • Teach your clients about HBV, including symptoms, causes, transmission, treatments, and prevention
  • Strengthen screening, testing, and linkage to HBV care among patient who have or are at high risk for HBV infection
  • Meet the Educational Needs of subpopulations with elevated risk factors for HBV infection with a special focus on immigrants from Asian and African countries
  • Personalized Promotional Press Kit to disseminate your clinic’s HBV-related resources within your community (developed by PRIME®)
  • Administrative reimbursement for participation: $2,500

Please see HBV Program Packet for more details regarding the program.

To enroll or to learn more, contact Elana Leibovitch by phone at (954) 718-6055 or email


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