Strategies to Enhance the Hep C Care Cascade Among People Who Inject Drugs

February 24, 2016,  Mount Sinai – Beth Israel: 10 Union Square East

Strategies to Enhance the Hepatitis C Care Cascade Among People Who Inject Drugs

Jason Grebely, BSc, PhD, Kirby Institute, UNSW

  1. Hep C Among People Who Inject Drugs
    • Burden of Hep C infection among people who inject drugs
    • Strategies to enhance Hep C testing, assessment, treatment uptake and treatment outcomes
    • Hep C reinfection post-treatment
  2. Project Overview
    • ETHOS (Enhancing Treatment of Hep C in the Opioid Substitution setting): Hep C assessment and treatment in the drug and alcohol setting (in partnership with New South Wales Health)
    • LiveRLife: A healthy liver intervention based on social marketing promotion to enhance liver disease assessment in the drug and alcohol setting
    • SToP-C: Hep C treatment as prevention project in prisons


NYC Best Practices in Hep C Care and Treatment for People Who Use Drugs 

Alain Litwin, MD, Professor of Medicine and Psychiatry at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Medical Center –

Sheila Reynoso, Project Coordinator Montefiore Medical Center 

NYS Medicaid and Managed Care Plans

Current Hep C medication coverage criteria for people with current or past drug use.

  • Hepatitis C clinical criteria for Fee For Service Medicaid were posted in the Oct 2014 Medicaid update.  There was an update including the availability of Viekira Pak without restriction in the April 2015 Medicaid Update.
  • NYS Medicaid Managed Care plans each have their own list of covered drugs (called a formulary).
  • See HepCure Webinar Archives: > webinars
    NYS DOH Presentation “Prior Authorization of Hepatitis C Medications in Medicaid Fee for Service (FFS) and Medicaid Managed Care” given by Monica Toohey M (HEALTH)

In Attendance:

  1. Alain Litwin Professor of Medicine Montefiore Medical Center
  2. Amber Casey Deputy Director DOHMH
  3. Angel Hernandez Peer Navigator Montefiore Medical Center
  4. Ariel Caba Intake Specialist Harlem United
  5. Asmara Tesfaye Rogoza Viral Hepatitis Coordinator DOHMH – Viral Hepatitis
  6. Benjamin Eckhardt Infectious Diseases Fellow Weill Cornell Medical Center
  7. Bobby Kim Senior Therapeutic Specialist Gilead
  8. Bridget Hardy Account Manager Quality Specialty Pharmacy,
  9. Brigitte Buquez​ Program Development Hudson Pride Connections Center​​
  10. Charles Lott Hepatitis C Peer Worker   Housing Works
  11. Cinthia Castro Patient Navigator Harlem United
  12. Curtis Melton Virology Specialist Bristol Myers Squibb
  13. Daniel Calder Outreach Coordinator DOHMH
  14. Debra Farrun Pharmaceutical Rep Gilead
  15. Diana Diaz-Munoz Program Intern DOHMH
  16. Ella Culler Hep C Harm Reduction Trainer Housing Works
  17. Elly Fatehi Director of Pharmacy Amida Care
  18. Evelyn Parrinello Info & Referral Specialist Community Health Action of Staten Island PARRINELLO@CHASINY.ORG
  19. Farah Riazi Patient Navigator Mount Sinai
  20. Farmin Khiabani Virology Representative Merck
  21. Frank Winter External Affairs Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
  22. Genesis Ciprian Patient Navigator Mount Sinai Hospital
  23. Gretchen George Ty Harm Reduction Coordinator Housing Works
  24. Iraida Ramos Peer Navigator BOOM!Health
  25. Ivana Portes Co-Directors Ann’s Corner of Harm Reduction
  26. Jamin Aliseo Hepatitis C Peer Worker   Housing Works
  27. Jason Grebeley Researcher Kirby Institute
  28. Jennifer Grimsich   Merck
  29. Kathryn Villaverde Harm Reduction Counselor          Housing Works
  30. Kendra Pemberton Regional Director HCV Gilead
  31. Kenny Ng Pharmacy Intern Amida Care
  32. Korin Parrella Program Manager Mount Sinai Hep C Primary Care Program
  33. Kyle Wanger Hep C Clinical educator Gilead
  34. Leo Yanacio Acct Manager Quality Specialty Pharmacy
  35. Matt Scherer MD Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center
  36. Michael Brown Peer Navigator BOOM!Health
  37. Miguel Calderon Harm Reduction Supervisor BOOM!Health
  38. Miranda Moore MPH DOHMH – Viral Hepatitis
  39. Nasra Aidarus Program Planner DOHMH
  40. Nathalia Gibbs Hep C patient Navigator Mount Sinai 
  41. Nirah Johnson Director of Program Implementation & Capacity Building DOHMH – Viral Hepatitis
  42. Paul Bolter Health Education American Liver Foundation
  43. Perminder Khosa Epidemiologist DOHMH – Viral Hepatitis
  44. Sheila Reynoso Project Coordinator, HIV/Hepatitis C Montefiore Medical Center
  45. Shellyann Vassell Nurse North Shore University Hosptial
  46. Shumenghui Zhai Research Associate III Temple University
  47. Steven Linick Pharmacy Rep Echo Pharmacy
  48. Tatiana Vera Program Supervisor Montefiore Medical Center
  49. Tiara Martin Peer Navigator Family Services Network of NY TIARAMARTIN9177@GMAIL.COM
  50. Tino Fuentes Co-Director of SEP Programs Ann’s Corner of Harm Reduction
  51. Umaima Khatun MPH Intern DOHMH – Viral Hepatitis
  52. Yin Tan Associate Director, Community Programs Temple University – Center for Asian Health


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