We ask that all policymakers take action against hepatitis C

The State of Hep C website, which houses the NVHR/CHLPI report and report cards, has a “Take Action” page. On this page, you can sign a petition calling for open access. There is also a social media toolkit with sample posts and infographics for sharing.

We urge you to sign the petition and post on social media. Please also forward to your networks and encourage your colleagues to do the same. These actions will amplify the message that state Medicaids must drop all discriminatory restrictions to hepatitis C treatment.

Medicaid programs should open access so that more people can be cured. Our country also needs to address the hepatitis C epidemic as it has addressed other diseases: We need a coordinated effort to educate Americans, and to connect those at-risk with testing and treatment.

Medical innovation created a cure. Let’s utilize it to cut unnecessary long-term medical costs and save lives.

Sign the petition here.


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