Hep Awareness Month 2021

Join us for our 9th annual Hep Free NYC Awareness Events:

#HepFreeNYC Twitter Chat – May 11 @1-2 PM
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Addressing Access to Hepatitis Care Panel Webinar – May 19 @ 2-3 PM
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Commemorating May Hepatitis Awareness Month, National Hepatitis Testing Day and Hispanic Hepatitis Awareness Day

An opportunity to showcase your work, accomplishments, and amplify what is needed to eliminate Hep B & C in NYC.

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Twitter Chat RSVP - Join us on May 11!

Hosted by: Hispanic Federation – @HispanicFed

Confirmed Participants – Organizations:

Hep Free NYC Network – @HepFreeNYC 
REACH Program at Mount Sinai – @REACHProgramNYC

Empire Liver Foundation –
Hepatitis C Mentor and Support Group – @hepatitisCmsg
The Alliance for Positive Change – @thealliance_nyc 
Housing Works – @HousingWorks
Boom! Health – @boomhealthnyc
Charles B Wang Community Health Centers – @CBWCHC
– @NCMakoni
– @dynavaxcorp

RSVP - Access to Hepatitis Care
- Hep Free NYC Webinar on May 19!

Join us for Hepatitis Awareness Month Hep Free NYC webinar!
May 19, 2021 2 – 3 PM EST

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted existing challenges and posed new challenges to Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C prevention, treatment and care efforts, uncovered and deepened healthcare disparities, and generated innovations poised to make a lasting impact on daily clinical practice.

Finalized Questions for Twitter Chat on May 11

Q1: What should New Yorkers know about #HepB & #HepC? What are the risk factors? Why should New Yorkers be concerned?

Q2: What can New Yorkers do to prevent #HepB & #HepC, especially now during COVID? What can people living with #HepB or #HepC do to protect their health, their community and prevent liver cancer?

Q3: How do you promote #HepB & #HepC education, outreach and testing in #NYC, especially now during COVID-19? What are your best practices for raising awareness about #HepB & #HepC?

Q4: What are the barriers that keep people from getting screened for #HepB & #HepC? How can these Hep Access to Care barriers be addressed? Have your strategies changed during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Q5: #ViralHepatitis is severely underfunded, which in turn minimizes efforts to prevent and treat #HepB and #HepC. How can we ensure that there is funding to end the #HepC & B epidemics?

Q6: Why are some populations more vulnerable to Hep B and/or Hep C, and how do we address the disparities? Have your strategies changed during the COVID-19 pandemic? #HepFreeNYC

Q7: What can we do to increase access to Hep B Treatment for New Yorkers? What can we do to increase access to Hep C Cure for New Yorkers? #HepFreeNYC

Q8: What is needed to eliminate #HepB & #HepC in New York City? What current policy asks and resources do we need to treat every person living with Hep B and cure every person living with Hep C in #NYC? #HepFreeNYC

Q9: Who are your key partners in addressing Hep B & Hep C? Who would you like to engage more in your work? (Tag them here!)

Q10: What is one lesson learned or piece of advice for others who want to expand their work on raising awareness about #ViralHepatitis? Are there specific lessons learned or advice gathered during COVID-19?

Just getting started with Twitter and want to know how to join the conversation?  Type #HepFreeNYC in the search box of the Twitter application and click on the “latest option” to follow the twitter view.

How a Twitter Chat works

The host organization will tweet out predetermined questions labeled Q1, Q2, etc. Please reply/answer a specific topic by using A1, A2, etc. in front of your tweets (eg.A7 … – this would be the beginning of the answer to Q7). After a few minutes, host organization will tweet the next question, and it continues. 

  • Remember to include the #HepFreeNYC hashtag, which is not case sensitive, in all of your tweets –  it’ll help us find your tweets and retweet you throughout the day! 
  • You can prepare any questions or tweets you might have for the above topics in advance, or you can also tweet on the fly, re-tweet, or Like a tweet from the chat.

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