Hep Free NYC 2018 Goals

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  1. Support networking, identification and sharing of resources and opportunities

    1. We plan to hold quarterly general meetings for both the Hep B Coalition and the Hep C Task Force this year
  2. Build knowledge and skills of participants

  3. Support the City Council Viral Hepatitis Initiative as well as relevant city, state and national policy advancement issues

  4. Raise awareness in people at risk and promote testing, linkage to care and treatment

  5. Raising awareness around liver cancer screening in patients with hepatitis B

  6. We plan to support the following committees in 2018:

    • Communications and Awareness Day Planning
    • HOPE – Hep Prevention in Youth
    • Hep C Elimination in People Living with HIV
    • Coalition against Hepatitis in People of African Origin – NYC
    • Possible depending upon capacity:
      • LGBTQ
      • Advocacy

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