Sign On | NYS Legislation to Fully Legalize Syringe Possession & Reform Expanded Syringe Access Program (ESAP)

Vocal-NY promotes legislation to fully legalize syringe possession and reform the Expanded Syringe Access Program (ESAP)
More than 20 years into legal syringe exchange in New York, a criminal law [NY Penal Law 220.45] results in thousands of arrests for syringe possession every year. Reform of the ESAP program which allows syringe distribution of syringes through pharmacies and by non-SEP healthcare providers is needed.

Legislation is being proposed  that would (a) repeal the criminal law, (b) clarify the drug paraphernalia law to explicitly state that syringes are not drug-related paraphernalia, and reform ESAP to (c) allow program advertising and (d) remove the limit of 10 syringes per transaction. More than 20 organizations have already signed on, and sponsors are ready to introduce bills in both the Senate and Assembly.

Organizations follow this link to sign on.


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