Since 2014, the City Council Viral Hepatitis Initiative has supported the Harm Reduction Coalition, Empire Liver Foundation and, in 2018, the Hep C Mentor and Support Group to train peer and patient navigators and clinical providers in hepatitis B and C prevention, testing, linkage to care, medical evaluation and treatment.

These training programs aim to:

  • Increase clinical capacity to treat hepatitis B and hepatitis C in NYC
  • Build capacity of navigators and other service providers to support hepatitis patients through care and treatment
  • Educate people at risk


The following trainings are offered several times a year. To receive training invitations, subscribe to our email list here.

Increasing Clinical Capacity

The Empire Liver Foundation (ELF) is funded to develop and host educational activities with the goal of increasing public awareness of liver disease and to educate practitioners to better care for patients with liver disease and their families. Key aspects of ELF work include:

  • Clinical Grand Rounds designed to provide an overview of Hepatitis B or C at hospitals and health centers in NYC.
  • Clinical Training Series focused on teaching primary care providers, substance use treatment medical teams and other clinicians how to screen and treat their patients who are chronically infected with hepatitis B or C as well as to know when to refer more complicated patients to a liver disease specialist.
  • Preceptorship in a Liver Clinic is an opportunity to join a liver disease specialist in their clinic and to observe and discuss the care of patients with hepatitis B and C that is available to clinicians who have previously participated in the Clinical Training Series.
  • Special Topic Webinars are organized by ELF to focus on select populations including pregnant women, people who use drugs and immigrant populations.
  • ELF provides CME, CNE and CUE credits for most of their educational activities which are free, open to the public and can be offered as live webinars or in-person events.

Building Capacity to Support Patients Through Treatment

The Harm Reduction Coalition (HRC) is funded to provide training and technical assistance to harm reduction programs employing Hep C peer navigators. Their activities include:

  • Hosting and co-facilitating monthly community of learning and practice meetings with Hep C peer navigators at 14 harm reduction programs.
  • Hosting bimonthly community of learning and practice meetings with patient navigators at 7 harm reduction programs.
  • Supporting peer navigators in improving outreach and client engagement strategies, and career growth including completing the NYSDOH AIDS Institute Peer Worker Certification.
  • Training contracted workers in how to start-up a Hep C Peer Navigator program.
  • Training citywide service providers regarding what is Hep C Patient Navigation.

Educating People at Risk

The Hepatitis C Mentor and Support Group (HCMSG) is funded to address the lack of education and supportive services for people living with Hepatitis C and co-infected with Hep C and HIV. Their activities include:

  • Conducting training, in English and Spanish, on the basics of Hepatitis C and co-infection with Hep C and HIV to staff, community members, consumers or patients at community -based organizations.
  • Providing information and supportive services for people living with hepatitis C that empowers them to reduce the harms of drug use and make healthier choices.


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