Hep Free NYC Patient Navigator Network Strategic Planning Meeting Highlights

January 28, 2016 (3 – 5 PM)

American Liver Foundation

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Meeting Highlights

On January 28, 2016, members of the Patient Navigator Network met to develop a strategic plan for 2016.

Report on Survey Results
Daniel Calder, NYC Health Department (dcalder@health.nyc.gov)

Patient Navigators were asked to complete a survey before the meeting.  The survey was designed to collect the job titles and responsibilities of members of the network, as well as their recommendations for improving the network.  To view the results of the survey, click here

Mount Sinai – Project H.E.A.L.S Patient Navigator Program 
Wilma Toribio, Mount Sinai (wilma.toribio@mountsinai.org)
Genesis Ciprian, Mount Sinai (genesis.ciprian@mountsinai.org)

  • Mount Sinai – Project H.E.A.L.S Patient Navigator Program consists of four patient navigators and 1 outreach community worker.
  • The basic roles of the patient navigators are to increase appointment adherence, improve care coordination, and increase treatment initiation and completion.
  • The Project H.E.A.L.S Patient Navigator Program has a specific model of implementation that can be helpful for other patient navigators.  To learn more about the Program and its model, click here

NYC Health Department Patient Navigator Programs And Opportunities 
Nirah Johnson, NYC Health Department (njohnson2@health.nyc.gov)
Melissa Ip, NYC Health Department (mip@health.nyc.gov)
Diana Diaz-Munoz, NYC Health Department (ddiazmunoz@health.nyc.gov)

The NYC Health Department has a wealth of resources and opportunities for patient navigators. If you would like to receive these resources or participate in Check Hep B or Check Hep C as an unfunded program, email dcalder@health.nyc.gov

  • Check Hep B Patient Navigation Program – supports free Hep B Patient Navigation and provides funding and valuable resources for participating organizations.
  • Check Hep C Patient Navigation Program – aims to increase Hepatitis C screening, linkage to care and treatment in NYC, particularly in areas of the city with the greatest health disparities.  The Program provides funding to participating organizations for linkage to care and care coordination services.
  • Check Hep C Health Promotion Manual, Check Hep C Care Plan, and Check Hep C Treatment Planning Form.
  • Hep C Peer Navigation materials, including a health education pocket card, appointment reminder and patient rights pocket card, and steps for Hep C care and cure fact sheet.
  • Hepatitis Services Site Locators to connect patients to hepatitis care and services
  • Hepatitis Patient Care Services for under-insured and uninsured
  • NYC Liver Health: Hep B & C Mobile App: Download for free on Android or iPhone
  • Hep B & C Education Resources

Group Discussion
Paul Bolter, American Liver Foundation (pbolter@liverfoundation.org)

What are current challenges faced by Patient Navigators?

  • It is hard to communicate and connect with homeless populations, a community impacted by Hepatitis.
  • People who used old Hepatitis C medications and had adverse effects are now scared about new medications.
  • People don’t know about new medications.
  • The stigma around treatment is another barrier to care.

How can we strengthen the Patient Navigator Network?

  • Having access to all contact information of patient navigators.  This way we can connect patients to navigators in the regions where they reside and also with the services they require.
  • Bringing together the patient navigators and peer navigators to share best practices.
  • Connecting Hep B and Hep C patient navigators.
  • Communicating with other patient navigators about challenges/barriers we face, and discuss how to best overcome these barriers.
  • Providing further trainings, such as when you have patients with substance abuse troubles.

How can we improve communication among Patient Navigators?

  • Visiting each other’s agencies to meet and talk about different patient navigator issues.
  • Having a get together/mixer for patient navigators to meet each other.
  • Making sure that patient navigators come to tours of facilities that offer Hepatitis services.
  • Visiting support groups and patient orientations at specific programs.
  • Sharing support group programs for patient navigators to attend.

Next Meeting and Patient Navigator Tour

The Nest at Harlem United
Feb 23, 3:00 – 5:00 PM
169 West 133rd Street, Manhattan – 6th Floor Conference Room
To RSVP, click here 

In Attendance

  1. Angel Cotto Wyckoff Heights Medical Center Hepatitis C Program acotto@wyckoffhospital.org
  2. Asia Betancourt Community Health Action of Staten Island lillylisalee@gmail.com
  3. Adisa Yamusah Harlem United ayamusah@harlemunited.org
  4. Ariel  Caba Harlem United acaba@harlemunited.org
  5. Barney Robinson National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS Inc. (NBLCA) brobinson@nblca.org
  6. Byron Eads NBLCA  Byrone1958@gmail.com
  7. Catherine Linda  Malloy Praxis Housing Initiatives Inc.  
  8. Cinthia Castro Harlem United Ccastro@harlemunited.org
  9. Daniel  Calder NYC Department of Health  dcalder@health.nyc.gov
  10. Danielle Barnes Institute for Advanced Medicine danbarnes@chpnet.org
  11. Diana Diaz-Munoz NYC Department of Health  ddiazmunoz@health.nyc.gov
  12. Dorothy  Johnson Acacia Network djohnson@promesa.org
  13. Genesis Ciprian Mount Sinai  genesis.ciprian@mountsinai.org
  14. JieLei Wong NYU Lutheran Family Health Centers – Brooklyn Chinese Family Health Center Jielei.wong@nyumc.org
  15. Jorge Reyes BOOM!Health jreyes@boomhealth.org
  16. Jose Martinez St. Ann’s Corner of Harm Reduction  jmartinez862@gmail.com
  17. Lawrence  Jackson Community Health Action of Staten Island ljackson2249@yahoo.com
  18. Lismeiry Paulino Mount Sinai  lismeiry.paulino@mountsinai.org
  19. Louie Jones New York Harm Reduction Educators  ljones@nyhre.org
  20. Louis  Alston Praxis Housing Initiatives Inc.  fcuevas@praxishousing.org
  21. Marta Giammarino Kings Specialty  Pharmacy marta.g@kingsrx.com
  22. Mary Chiang Charles B Wang Community Health Center mchiang@cbwchc.org
  23. Melissa Ip NYC Department of Health  mip@health.nyc.gov
  24. Min Ji Kim Korean Community Services  
  25. Nick Van Breta Washington Heights Corner Project nick@cornerproject.org
  26. Nirah  Johnson NYC Department of Health  njohnso2@health.nyc.gov
  27. Paul Bolter American Liver Foundation  pbolter@liverfoundation.org
  28. Robert  Wilson William F Ryan Community Health Center Robert.Wilson@ryancenter.org
  29. So Young Yoon Korean Community Services  kcshealth@gmail.com
  30. Terry  Hamilton NYC Health + Hospital Terry.Hamilton@nychhc.org
  31. Wilma Toribio Mount Sinai  wilma.toribio@mountsinai.org

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