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Year after year, Congress chooses to maintain a ban on the use of federal money for local syringe exchange programs. Syringe exchange programs [learn more] are a proven and cost-efficient strategy to reduce new HIV infections among people who inject drugs. We know syringe exchange programs work. It’s time to end the ban.

As of May 1, a staggering 145 new HIV infections have been reported in southeastern Indiana linked to injection drug use. In response, Indiana’s Scott County, where the bulk of new infections have occurred, has implemented a syringe exchange program as part of their emergency response to prevent further new infections.

Yet because of the federal ban, this effective intervention cannot be supported by federal funds in Indiana or anywhere else in the United States, regardless of state laws. In 2015, we shouldn’t be playing catch-up to a preventable outbreak.

This outbreak could happen anywhere. Politics shouldn’t stand in the way of stopping new HIV infections! 

Tell Congress: It’s time to end the ban.

Fill out the form on this website  to send a message to your Members of Congress in one easy click. Ask your elected officials to allow federal funds to support this effective intervention!

Go to AIDS United Policy Action Center website to take action!
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