Source: Defining the Experienced Hepatitis C Provider, New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute, June 2015
Transformative new treatments for hepatitis C virus (HCV) will greatly expand the number of patients in New York State who can be treated successfully. This expansion promises to reduce morbidity, mortality, and the incidence of HCV transmission, but it introduces added complexity to the management of care for patients with HCV.

As New York State enters this era of successful HCV treatment, the NYSDOH AIDS Institute has developed criteria for defining those providers qualified to manage and treat patients with HCV infection.

Qualifications to Prescribe HCV Antiviral Therapy

The components below were developed by the New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute’s Hepatitis C Clinical Guidelines Committee to define those healthcare providers who are qualified to prescribe hepatitis C antiviral therapy. Clinical experience and appropriate continuing education are both important to ensure that HCV medications are prescribed safely and correctly and that all patients receive the highest quality of care. Providers must meet all three criteria.

NYSDOH AIDS Institute Definition of HCV Experienced Provider

Category Criteria
Clinical Experience Management AND treatment of at least 10 patients with HCV infection within the past 12 months.


Management and treatment of at least 10 patients with HCV infection in partnership (defined as consultation, preceptorship, or via telemedicine) with an experienced HCV provider who meets the above criteria.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) Expectation At least 10 HCV-related CME credits within the last 12 months.
Licensure Current, valid MD, DO, PA, or NPNew York State license

The definition above was developed by the NYSDOH AIDS Institute Hepatitis C Clinical Guidelines Committee, which is chaired by Drs. Joshua S. Aron and Christine A. Kerr.

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