2020 Viral Hepatitis Strategic Plan

New York State Department of Health


The New York State Department of Health (NYS DOH) released an updated 2020 Viral Hepatitis Strategic Plan!

The NYS Viral Hepatitis Strategic Plan outlines a coordinated, comprehensive, and systematic approach that will decrease the incidence and reduce the morbidity and mortality of viral hepatitis. It envisions a State where viral hepatitis has been eliminated; where all New Yorkers have access to effective prevention services, know their viral hepatitis status, and have access to high-quality health care and treatment, free from stigma and discrimination.

It provides a framework to maximize the effectiveness of the work of a diverse array of stakeholders engaged in fighting viral hepatitis in NYS. The framework is comprised of five focus areas with wide-ranging goals and strategies necessary for a comprehensive approach. The framework offers flexibility to meet a variety of needs, offering users latitude and options for action.

The NYS Viral Hepatitis Strategic Plan will be reviewed annually and updated as needed.

Click HERE to view the strategic plan!

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