#HepFreeNYC Twitter Chat

For our 8th annual Hep Free NYC Awareness Event, we hosted our first ever #HepFreeNYC Twitter Chat on May 14 @1 PM to commemorate Hepatitis Awareness Month, National Hepatitis Testing Day & Hispanic Hepatitis Awareness Day!

Thank you to all our partner organization and Viral Hepatitis Champions for your attendance and participation!


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List of Confirmed Organizations and Participants Below!

Hosted by: Hispanic Federation – @HispanicFed

Confirmed Participants – Organizations:

National Hispanic Hepatitis Awareness Day (May 15) – @nhhad
Hep Free NYC Network – @HepFreeNYC 
REACH Program @ Mount Sinai –
Empire Liver Foundation –
Treatment Access Group (TAG) –
Boom Health – @BoomHealthNYC
Hep C Mentor & Support Group – @hepatitisCmsg
Korean Community Services of NY – @KCSNY
Korean Community Services Public Health and Research Center – @kcsphrc
National Black Leadership Commission on Health (NBLCH) – @natlblackhealth
Charles B Wang Community Health Center – @CBWCHC
National Latinx AIDS Awareness Day – @nlaad
The Latino Commission on AIDS – @LatinoCommAIDS
Envolve Health – @envolvehealth
Boriken Health – @BorikenHealth
HepCure – @HepCure
Prevent Cancer Foundation – @PreventCancer
HousingWorks – @HousingWorks 
Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations – @HepBPolicy
Clinical Education Initiative – @nysdoh_cei
Hep B United Philly – @hepbunitedphila
Hep Free Hawai’i – @hepfreehawaii
Community Health Action of Staten Island@CHASINYC

Hep B/C Champions and Service providers:

@NirahJohnson – Nirah Johnson, NYC Health Dept
@HenryEChang – Henry Chang CEO, Hepatitis Business Solutions & Hep Free NYC Advisory Board Member
@AnnetteGaudino – Annette Gaudino, State & Local Policy Director, Treatment Access Group
@TatyanaKushner – Dr. Tatyana Kushner, Assistant Professor: Liver Disease & Obstetrics, Mount Sinai
@GregDore2 – Greg Dore, Kirby Institute, Australia
@TimoSaidWhat – Timothy Rivera, Envolve Health
@movingDD – Diana Diaz Munoz, Program Manager, NYC Health Dept
@halikonte1 – Halimatou Konte, Program Manager, African Services Committee
@Adeebasaurus – Adeeba Khan, Viral Hepatitis Program Intern, NYC Health Dept
@kemar101 – Kemar Asphall, NBLCH
@shakethetablezw – Nyashadzashe Makoni, Mount Sinai
@LeSweeti – Judy Strait-Jones, Hawaii Immunization Coalition

Finalized Questions for May 14

Q1: What should New Yorkers know about Hep B and Hep C? what are the risk factors? Why should New Yorkers be concerned?

Q2: What can New Yorkers do to prevent Hep B and Hep C? What can people living with Hep B or C do to protect their health, their community and prevent liver cancer?

Q3: How do you promote Hep B and Hep C education, outreach and testing in NYC especially now? What are your best practices?

Q4: What are the barriers that keep people from getting screened for hepatitis B and hepatitis C and how can they be addressed?

Q5: Viral hepatitis is severely underfunded, which in turn minimizes efforts to prevent and treat hepatitis B and C. How can we ensure that there is funding to end the hepatitis C and B epidemics?

Q6: Why are some populations more vulnerable to Hep B and Hep C, and how do we address the disparities?

Q7: What can we do to increase access to Hep C Cure and Hep B Treatment for New Yorkers?

Q8: What is needed to eliminate Hep B & Hep C in New York City? What current policy asks and resources do we need to cure every person living Hep C and treat every person living with Hep B in NYC?

Q9: Who are your key partners in addressing Hep B & Hep C? Who would you like to engage more in your work? (Tag them here!)

Q10: What is one lesson learned or piece of advice for others who want to expand their work on raising awareness about viral hepatitis?

Just getting started with Twitter and want to know how to join the conversation?  Type #HepFreeNYC in the search box of the Twitter application and click on the “latest option” to follow the twitter view.

How a Twitter Chat works

The host organization will tweet out predetermined questions labeled Q1, Q2, etc. Please reply/answer a specific topic by using A1, A2, etc. in front of your tweets (eg.A7 … – this would be the beginning of the answer to Q7). After a few minutes, host organization will tweet the next question, and it continues. 

  • Remember to include the #HepFreeNYC hashtag, which is not case sensitive, in all of your tweets –  it’ll help us find your tweets and retweet you throughout the day! 
  • You can prepare any questions or tweets you might have for the above topics in advance, or you can also tweet on the fly, re-tweet, or Like a tweet from the chat.


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