Check Hep C Patient Navigator

This position will help pioneer an exciting new program to link people with chronic hepatitis C infection into care and treatment. The Patient Navigator will be based at VOCAL-NY but will work with a variety of community based organizations and community health centers offering hepatitis C rapid testing.

Check Hep C New York CityThe Patient Navigator’s role is to assist patients in understanding liver health care in the presence of a positive Hepatitis C diagnosis, and in navigating the social service and medical system in order to access necessary supportive services to support liver health, complete a liver health medical evaluation, and initiate hepatitis C treatment if recommended by a liver medical specialist. The Navigator reinforces hepatitis C medical education with the patients and provides social support. The Navigator schedules clinic visits with the patients, attends clinic visits when needed, and assists the providers with tracking the patients. Navigators will be required to communicate daily with patients to support full engagement in appropriate health care, and be on hand to answer questions or concerns. They will also be required to discuss cases with clinicians on a regular basis, so fluency with medical terminology will be required.

This is a grant-funded position.


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