September 27th NYC Hepatitis B Coalition MEEETING HIGHLIGHTSCharles B Wang: 168 Centre Street (3-5 PM)
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Coalition Success Stories for the Past Year

  • World Hepatitis Day NYC 2012 Summary – Nicole Bannister, Columbia MPH Candidate. WHD 2012 in NYC was a great success with over 100 volunteers at sites all across NYC. The social media campaign raised approx. $3000 with their indiegogo fundraising website and Facebook page. Check out the NYC WHD video. And we helped the World Hepatitis Alliance to set a Guinness World Record for collective groups doing the ‘see no evil, hear no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ action.
  • NYU B Free CEED End of Project Summary – Isha Weerasinghe, MSc
  • 2013 City Council Funding Success!
  • NYU Lagone Medical Center – award from Black, Latino, and Asian Caucus, Bronx Delegation and Council Member Maria del Carmen Arroyo – Priya Chatterjee.
  • Charles B. Wang Community Health Center – award from Manhattan Delegation and Council Member Margaret Chin – Calvin Yu. They have already placed the B Free CEED advertisements on bus shelters in Brooklyn and will be showing the PSA on Sinovision in Oct-Nov. They hope this ad campaign will bring in people to get screened for HBV and linked to care.
  • CDC Grant – awarded to African Services Committee to fund a patient navigator and 2,000 hepatitis B screening tests. They will be looking to our group for partnerships and assistance. Contact Saba Bekele (

Planning for Future Success!

  • Hep B United Road Map – Isha Weerasinghe, MSc
  • Hep B United is focused on policy and you can get involved by completing this form.
  • National Task Force on Hep B is a way to share resources and best practices. To join the National Task Force on Hepatitis B: Focus on Asian and Pacific Islander Americans, please send an email to the Task Force Secretary ( with your contact information. You will be enrolled in their listserv and included in their monthly conference calls.
  • Engaging Youth – Next Focus of the Coalition. NYC World Hepatitis Day success has proven how valuable it is to get the youth involved in projects. At the next meeting we will be inviting various student groups to join us to learn about hepatitis B in NYC, highlight the benefits of getting involved and strategize how to incorporate their participation within the coalition.
  • If you know of any youth organizations at high schools, colleges, or graduate programs that would be interested in getting involved with the coalition, please email Nicole Bannister ( with their contact information.
  • Save the Date! 2012 Medicaid & Medicare: Hep B & C Special Issues Training. November 29th. A collaboration with Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services (CMS), the NYC Hep C Task Force & NYC Hep B Coalition: ‘Health Care Access, Insurance & Medications Workgroup‘ & the Hep B & C Patient Navigator Network. Free! Register in advance.
  • We need some hepatitis B representation!

Coalition Evaluation!
This evaluation will help the NYC Hep B Coalition to determine how the network has impacted the community, and how to improve in the future. Please take a brief survey to evaluate the NYC Hepatitis B Coalition click here

Other Important Coalition Achievements of the last year to note! Congratulations to all for all the hard work.

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