There a  multitude of challenges involved in helping Hepatitis B & C patients access proper Health Care; obtain and maintain Health Insurance, and ensure consistent affordable medication coverage through treatment.
This Workgroup was brought together in February 2012 by the Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services and the NYC Health Department Office of Viral Hepatitis Coordination and community partners in order to compile and analyze frequently reported issues, develop strategies to address issues given existing resources, and work on plans to overcome issues.


  • Dissemination of Benefits Enrollment and Counseling Resources in the Community
  • Strenghtening of the emerging Hep B & C Patient Navigation profession through establishment of the NYC Hep B & C Patient Navigator Network.
  • Development of standard fundamental recommendations for a Hepatitis B & C Electronic Health Record Patient Care Module for both a medical setting and a community based organization setting.
  • Lessoning the burden and increasing uniformity of medication Prior Authorization requirements to avoid physician burnout and treatment delay or interruption.
  • Ensuring patients have the right to access Local Specialty Pharmacy
  • Providing increased networking, education & programmatic support for NP and PA Hepatitis B & C Medical Providers. Join our Linkedin group!
  • Ensuring Hepatitis Representation in Health Care Access focused Coalitions
  • Identifying & disseminating Health Care Access, Insurance & Medication related Advocacy Alerts on this site through Linkedin
  • Identifying and disseminating Training opportunities through periodic e-newsletter
  • Ensuring Hepatitis Community has easy mechanism for providing feedback to the Health Care system

Meetings take place every two months. Join us!
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