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Agenda & Handout:_2014 NYC Hep Health Care Access Training (PDF)


Nirah Johnson, NYC DOHMH, Viral Hepatitis Health Care Access Resources (PDF slides)

  • An overview of the state of hep B and C in NYC, NYS laws regarding hep B and C, free printed education materials from NYC DOHMH (call 311 to order and accessible online: search publications), the NYC Liver Health App (accessible now in Android and iPhone app stores), NYC texting service for Hep B and C (text LIVER to 877877 for risk assessment and linkage to testing and treatment sites), online education and linkage to care, and an introduction to all NYC patient navigation services.

Xavior Robinson, NASTAD, ACA and Viral Hep: National Overview & Policy Update (PDF slides)

  • An introduction to NASTAD, introduction to the national viral hepatitis landscape, federal funding outlook as well as funding needs/potential impact, insurance coverage and access challenges, and proposal of federal advocacy opportunities.

Kate Engst, Community Health Advocates, Community Health Advocates – Helpline Info (PDF slides)

  • Includes contact information for Kate Engst, Associate Supervising Attorney at Community Health Advocates, and for CHA’s Helpline (1-888-614-5400) which offers assistance in navigating healthcare insurance and coverage, including assistance in accessing hepatitis treatment or appealing for treatment access.

Angel Chen, Charles B. Wang Community Health Center, Hep B Patient Navigation & Care Coordination (PDF slides)

  • An overview of CBWCHC’s Hep B Care Program and Hep B Moms Program, including patient demographics, program benefits, results and tips.

Angela Woody, Mount Sinai, Patient Navigation: Current Core Activities (PDF slides)

  • A detailed overview of Mount Sinai IMA’s patient navigation program, including a step-by-step presentation from the inside perspective of how a new patient progresses through navigation, care, treatment and cure.

Jocelyn Camacho, Mount Sinai, HepCAP: The Hepatitis C Assistance Program (PDF slides)

  • An introduction to HepCAP at Mount Sinai, which offers comprehensive Hep C-focused medical evaluation and treatment monitoring for those living in NYS that do not qualify for public or employment based insurance and are mono-infected with HCV. An overview of required income and NYS address documentation is provided.

Matt Curits, Vocal-NY, Major Issues in NYS Hep C Policy (PDF slides)

  • An overview from Vocal-NY of policy obstacles regarding HCV prevention, care and treatment, including: Gilead’s pricing; payers establishing exclusion criteria; too few and unequally-distributed clinicians ready to provide HCV treatment and care in NYS; new infections outpace cures and deaths alongside very little investment in prevention. Also provided: overview of NYS Medicaid HCV drug utilization criteria; discussion of cost fears and options for advocacy; analysis of NYS prevention, care and treatment infrastructure; and presentation of $20 million budget proposal submitted to Gov. Cuomo and legislative leadership.

Fabienne Laraque, NYC DOHMH, Project INSPIRE NYC: Combatting HCV in NYC – A CMS Innovation Award (PDF slides)

  • Provides a description of the impetus for Project INSPIRE, including rising death rates due to HCV and poor linkage to care. Provides a detailed grant overview including: goals and desired impact; major activities; partner organizations and their roles; payment model and evaluation deliverables; steering committee roles; staffing roles; and progress to date.

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