Communications Committee Meeting Highlights | 12-14-2017

SASB Small Group Meeting Room

December 14, 2017

Committee Bio :

The Hep Free NYC Communications Committee…

Develops the Hep Free NYC social media strategy, and posts information/resources on the Hep Free NYC website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Promotes and engages in outreach for Hep Free NYC planned events pre-event promotion and post-event documenting successes on social media platforms.

Touches base monthly through email, and holds strategic planning conference calls and meetings as needed.

Review of Committee accomplishments 2017

  • Hepatitis Awareness Day May 10, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM at City Hall.
    Special thanks to: received funding from the Al D. Rodriguez Liver Foundation to produce materials for our awareness day: used to create t-shirts and to boost the Facebook event page.
  • Establishment of social media posting guidelines
  • Establishment of twitter ambassadors guidelines
  • New social media platforms
    • Instagram
    • Snapchat (Pending)

Planning of Upcoming events:

  1. Feedback regarding upcoming events/ ideas for 2018
    • Reach out to event Awareness Day Planning Committee to stay updated on event details
    • Have a member of the communications committee on event planning conference calls
    • Provide flyer packets to Hep Patient Navigators to distribute to their patients
    • Invite African American community and CHIPO (Coalition against Hepatitis in People of African Origin (CHIPO) NYC) to combine events/attend and provide event support.
  2. Date TBD | Hepatitis Awareness Day at City Hall.
    Expected timeline to begin planning: Late January- Early February
    • Increase awareness and media coverage of the event pre event & during event
    • Fly design- updated from 2017
    • Social media postings, news coverage : NY1, Today Show
    • Possibility of sign-language translator
    • Recruit participants, HOPE Team Members to deliver statement
  3. June Date TBD | American Liver Foundation NYC Walk
    Early May
    • Reach out to Paul Bolter ALF, to get more info on date/time of event
    • Inquire about Hep Free NYC participation in walk
  1. Communications Committee Planned event:
    July 28th World Hepatitis Day- Collaboration w/ Team HOPE ( SEE 2018 July World Hep Day folder ) Late January- or earlier to ensure we secure a NYC park location

Goals for 2018:

  • Hold 4 meetings (1 per quarter) at NYC Public Library (preferred location ) or Monthly conference call all dependent on anticipated events
  • Publicize Hep Free NYC events and initiatives on all platforms
    • Snapchat (pending)
  • Recruit 5 twitter ambassadors
    • Possible ambassador: Yanhai Wan

In Attendance

  1. Shanaz Hosein, Chair,
  2. Kesnel Chery,
  3. Lynna Zhong,
  4. David Llewellyn,

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