Hep C Prevention in Youth Initiative Program – Strategic Planning Meeting

NYC Health Department 

December 22, 2016

I. Overview of Hep Free NYC and Hepatitis C

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II.  Responsibilities of Interns

  • Dedicate at least 5 hours a month to internship activities.
  • Meet once a month for 2 hours to brainstorm on activities and report on projects.
  • Serving as “Social Media Ambassadors” (If using social media)

III. Group Discussion – How to distribute the Hep C Prevention in Youth Video

  • Create a YouTube video for the youth committee. Post the video on YouTube and share on social media.
  • Screen videos at campus clubs and events.
  • Ask if University can post video on their social media and website.
  • Screen the video at Hunter dorms, have food or beverages as incentive for people to attend.
  • Show the video at community centers/schools in communities most impacted by Hep C.

IV. Group Discussion – Goals and Action Plan

Educating young people about Hepatitis C

  • Partner with Peer Health Exchange to include a Hep C component in existing curriculum.
  • Provide Hep C resources at health centers in schools.
  • Host a panel discussion at school about Hep C. Include experts, a prominent researcher, etc.
  • Ask if Professors can bring students to the lecture.
  • Have a Hep C table at a health event/fair.
  • Write an article about Hep C and place in school/community newspaper.
  • Organize a walk or 5k in awareness of Hep C.
  • Decide on how we can target and educate those most at risk. How do we get resources to this community?

Social Media Campaigns

  • Create a logo and name for the group.
  • Create a youth Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Create a filter on Snapchat that raises awareness about Hep C.
  • Do a challenge, such as ice bucket, pushups, to raise awareness about veterans.
  • Do a six second vine posting about Hep C.
  • Decide on core message of social media campaign. What do we want to disseminate? Should we have a graphic with an image? How will the message be conveyed correctly?
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To Do Items

  • Next Meeting – January 11, 12 – 2 PM at NYC Health Dept
  • Before next meeting, post two separate times on social media information/resources regarding Hep C.
  • Before next meeting, send Danny name ideas for the group.
  • Before next meeting, email Danny if you would like to be in the social media, or education group to begin planning activities.
Presentation Hep C Prevention in Youth Initiative Meeting
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