Become a part of Hep Free NYC’s Team HOPE!

Hep Free NYC is recruiting young adult interns to develop Hepatitis C (Hep C) prevention strategies and resources for youth, and outreach to the community. We especially encourage 18-24 year olds, and particularly LGBTQIA people and people of color to apply.

In recent years, addiction to pills has caused an increase in overdose, HIV and Hep C in youth.

Young people take pills that are not prescribed to them, such as Vicodin, Percocet, and Oxycodone. Taking pills can lead to addiction, snorting, and injecting drugs.

Hep C is a viral infection spread through blood that can cause liver disease, cancer, and death.  Sharing drug use equipment is the #1 risk for getting Hep C.

In 2014, over 800 people under the age of 29 tested positive for Hep C in NYC.

Hep C can be prevented. We need young people to help us develop Hep C prevention strategies and resources for youth that work.

Intern Responsibilities


  • Develop and promote Hep C prevention social media campaigns
  • Share Hep C prevention resources with at risk youth
  • Participate in local and national Hep C events.

The time commitment for this internship is

  • 1 outreach event per month
  • 50 hours of volunteer time over 6 months
  • Social media posting 2 times/week
  • Attendance at monthly team meetings
    Meetings are on the first Tuesday of the month, at two time slots: 3-5pm and 5-7pm
  • Participation in monthly team calls on the third Tuesday of the month from 12:30-1pm

Serving as an intern will be a great learning experience and will connect you with professionals in the medical and public health field.  If you would like to participate in activities to help prevent Hep C in NYC, apply to be an intern!



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