The general goal of the Hep Free NYC Research committee is to create a network and foster collaboration among NYC hepatitis focused researchers. Additional participant priorities:

  • Circulate funding opportunities, coordinate to reduce competition and increase collaboration where possible
  • Supporting dissemination activities nationally and internationally
    • Health Dept has coordinated several NYC Hepatitis Research Symposium
    • Drug Policy Alliance hosts regular briefings and research round tables and opportunities – follow: @DrugPolicyNerds
    • Hep Free NYCResearch and Funding Boards, monthly E-Newsletter, follow on social media @hepfreenyc
    • Interest in pooling data across research programs to support effectiveness research
    • Align with NYC Viral Hepatitis Elimination Planning – Health Dept goal to complete in 2020 in collaboration with Hep Free NYC/community stakeholders
  • NYS Hepatitis C Elimination Task Force web page
  • World Health Organization Hepatitis Elimination web page

Participant hepatitis research interest summary

  • Models of care: efficacy and implementation science
    • Treatment in primary care
    • Test and treat (rapid treatment initiation), effect of removal of prior auth and genotype requirements
    • Integrated care – medication assisted treatment, psychiatry
    • HCV treatment in jail, homeless service organizations, substance use tx facilities, and “cure parties” in underground places where people inject drugs
    • Outreach and screening
    • Integrated care for pregnant women – HCV, MAT, OBGYN
      • HCV in pregnancy
      • Liver cancer health disparities
      • Contact tracing – finding patients out of care
      • Impact of Social Determinants of Health on hepatitis health care outcomes
        • Impact of criminalization of drug use, mass incarceration and immigration status on health care access and outcomes
      • HCV in youth – sero-clearance
      • Economic cost analysis
      • Phylogenetics

Health Department resources shared

Future meeting schedule, structure and participant recruitment

  • Quarterly meetings at DPA
  • Develop mission statement – Shashi Kapadia
  • Rotate Chairs for meetings
  • Conduct survey to assess participant committee priorities
  • Select 1-5 committee “deliverables”
  • Recruit researchers in the following areas: HBV clinical, harm reduction, policy, immigrant health, qualitative, hepatology

Upcoming Opportunities

Attendee List
Will attend in the future:

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