NY Hep C Telemedicine Workgroup – Meeting Notes

Thursday March 18, 2021 (10 – 11 AM) via Webinar

In attendance at this meeting: See below notes

Workgroup Chair: Andrew Talal, MD, University at Buffalo, ahtalal@buffalo.edu

NYS Office of Drug Users Health’s bupenorphine access initiative via Telemedicine 

 Lisa Skill, MS, MCHES, Health Program Coordinator at NYSDOH Office of Drug User Health – lisa.skill@health.ny.gov

  • See presentation here
  • Need for providers who are waivered for buprenorphine and trained to treat OUD, especially in rural areas
  • Due to COVID-19, practitioners can prescribe buprenorphine to new and existing patients and check-in over telemedicine.
  • “NYS Guidance for Accessing Buprenorphine through Telemedicine” guidance document currently under review
  • NY Matters referral system connects community providers and emergency departments to treat patients via telemedicine
  • Gov. Cuomo announced telehealth proposal to modernize regulations and expand mental health & substance use disorder services to rural and underserved areas

Hep C Treatment via Telemedicine at two syringe exchange programs in NYC

Brianna Norton, DO, New York Harm Reduction Educators – bnorton@montefiore.org

  • “Meeting Patients Where They’re At: Hep C Care at a Syringe Exchange Program”
  • Montefiore and New York Harm Reduction Educators partnered to deliver HCV care and treatment & deliver low threshold opioid use disorder treatment via buprenorphine
  • Developed Innovative Models Program, incentivizing patients for blood draw
  • Open for lab work but overlap of telemedicine for overlap of care
  • 10 HCV+ patients evaluated, 6 started treatment

Benjamin Eckhardt, MD, The Alliance for Positive Change

  • See presentation here
  • Patronage to syringe exchange diminished in June 2020, due to COVID-19
  • All 11 patients received complete treatment
  • Alliance (SSP), NYDOHMH, & Bellevue partnered to pilot low threshold hep C telemedicine treatment model
    • Flexible, patient-centered, low threshold HCV care

Upcoming Events

  • Call for Abstracts for the Northeast Telehealth Resource Center’s 2021 Telehealth Launchpad: Refueling for Sustainability Event. More information can be found here

Telemedicine Resources


  1. Alvin Chu, MA, MPH, START Treatment and Recovery Centers, achu@startny.org
  2. Andrew Talal, MD, SUNY Research Foundation, ahtalal@buffalo.edu
  3. Anthony McLeod, START Treatment and Recovery Centers, amcleod@startny.org
  4. Arpan Dharia, SUNY, adharia@buffalo.edu
  5. Arslan Mohamed, NYCDOHMH, amohamed1@health.nyc.gov
  6. Benjamin Eckhardt, MD, The Alliance for Positive Change, benjamin.eckhardt@nyulangone.org
  7. Brianna Norton, DO, New York Harm Reduction Educators, bnorton@montefiore.org
  8. Colleen Flanigan, RN, NYS DOH, colleen.flanigan@health.ny.gov
  9. Dan Shappee, AbbVie, Daniel.shappee@abbvie.com
  10. Darlene Meyer, SUNY, dkmeyer@buffalo.edu
  11. Diana Toussaint Porteous, Bedford-Stuyvesant Family Health Center, dtoussaint@bsfhc.org
  12. Jeff Weiss, REACH, jeffrey.weiss@mountsinai.org
  13. Joy Cambe, Empire Liver Foundation, joycambe@empireliverfoundation.org
  14. Kathleen Davis, University of Rochester Medical Center, Kathleen_davis@urmc.rochester.edu
  15. Kelly Ramsey, NYSOASAS, kelly.ramsey@oasas.ny.gov
  16. Lia Alleyne, NYCDOHMH, lalleyne@health.nyc.gov
  17. Lisa Skill, MS, MCHES, NYSDOH Office of Drug User Health, lisa.skill@health.ny.gov
  18. Marc Badura, SUNY, mbadura@buffalo.edu
  19. Meg Chappell, MPH, Empire Liver Foundation, megchapell@empireliverfoundation.org
  20. Megan Prokorym, NYSDOH Office of Health Insurance Programs, megan.prokorym@health.ny.gov
  21. Nadine Kela-Murphy, MPH, NYC DOHMH, nkelamurphy@health.nyc.gov
  22. Nirah Johnson, LCSW, NYC DOHMH, njohnso2@health.nyc.gov
  23. Sandeep Krishnan, MedTech, sandeep.krishnan@medtecintl.com
  24. Stephanie McHugh, NYCDOHMH, stephanie.mchugh@health.nyc.gov

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