Team HOPE Accomplishments

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  • Tabling at health fairs and sharing Hep C resources
  • Presenting on Hep C in college classes
  • Screening Hep C Prevention in Youth Video at CUNY Hunter College
  • Engaging in “Show Your Face Social Media Campaign” for World Hepatitis Day

Ideas for HOPE Projects for next school year

  • Create a strategic plan for the year, with different goals.
  • Start the year with team building activities.
  • Create a high school curriculum about Hep C – 11th In the curriculum, stress how prescription medication misuse can lead to intranasal or injection drug use, which can lead to Hep C infection.
  • Outreach to high schools and present on Hep C.
  • Connect with school health at DOH.
  • Create a Hep C resource targeting young people.
  • Identify strengths of each person in group, and delegate tasks based on those strengths.
  • Organize the interns based on the college they attend.

Opportunities to screen the Hep C Prevention in Youth Video

  • Screening at Brooklyn College, other high schools, and other colleges
  • Screening events at partner organizations – Neighborhood Health Action Centers (distribute naloxone at events)
  • Health Centers – Brightpoint Health
  • Health Centers at Colleges – show the videoShow the video at naloxone trainings
  • Drop in syringe exchange programs
  • Heart to Heart – Weil Cornell (show video in waiting areas)

Hep C Prevention in Youth Video

In attendance:

Amela Paljevic, CUNY Hunter College,
Daniel Calder, NYC Health Dept,
Caroline Davidson, NYC Health Dept,
Mitsuka Attys, CUNY Brooklyn College,
Pedro Mateu-Gelabert, National Development Research Institutes,
Prima Manandhar, CUNY Hunter College,
Saumik Islam, CUNY Brooklyn College,


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