LGBTQ Committee Meeting Highlights | 1-21-2017

Latino Commission on AIDS

January 21, 2017

LGBTQ Card – 2nd Version Feedback

  • The new card will include sites that provide Hepatitis testing/vaccination/care.
  • Provide a link to testing sites, and possibly use a QR code that people can scan to visit the site.
  • Sites listed on the card should be 1) comprehensive care (testing, patient navigation, care) 2) low-cost or no-cost.
  • The sites should be LGBTQ friendly or inclusive. Check out hospitals and health centers in Human Rights Campaign Healthcare Equality Index.
  • We should list only 3-4 sites.
  • Place a thin rainbow line somewhere in the card.
  • Please send sites you think should be listed on the new resource card!!

Hep A and B Vaccination Campaign

  • We need to decide on the target audience. This will inform how to design the campaign.
  • Do research on who in the LGBTQ community have higher rates of Hep A and B, and higher rates of new infections.
  • The campaign should have two components (1) get tested for Hep B (2) get vaccinated for Hep A and B
  • If you have data on Hep A and B vaccination and infection rates in the LGBTQ community, send to Daniel.
  • Creation of vaccination card may be an option.
  • Tag line can be fun, recommend people bring a friend to get tested for Hep B and vaccinated. “It’s always cute when someone brings a friend to get tested.” “Treat yo self, get tested and vaccinated for Hep B.” Send ideas for tag lines.
  • The resource can have a check list:
  • Pick up laundry
  • Go to the gym
  • Brunch with friends
  • Get tested for Hep B and C


LGBTQ Pride in June Ideas

  • Hold a screening event. Have LGBTQ leaders get tested for Hep B and C.
  • Hold a panel discussion and make it interactive.
  • Send ideas for Hep Free NYC Pride events.

In Attendance

  1. Andrew Bonfrancesco, Supervisor, Positive Health Project,
  2. Brigitte Buquez​, Research Coordinator, Mount Sinai,
  3. Celia Murnock, Data Manager, Mount Sinai,
  4. Courtney Dower, HIV/Hep C/B, Supervisor, Bronx-Lebanon, Family Medicine
  5. Daniel Calder, Community Outreach and Education Coordinator, NYCDOH,
  6. Darrin Maxwell, Hepatitis C Coordinator, Callen-Lorde Community Health Center,
  7. Derek McCracken, Practicum Supervisor, Narrative Medicine Columbia University

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