Hep Free NYC Meeting Highlights | 12-7-2022

A Joint Hep B Coalition & Hep C Task Force Meeting

December 7th, 2022 (3 – 5 PM)

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Hep A, B, and C in NYC: 2021 Annual Report Surveillance Highlights
Tristan McPherson, MD, Viral Hepatitis Medical Director, NYC Health Department –  tmcpherson@health.nyc.gov

Integration of Hep C Testing and Linkage for People Experiencing Mental Health or Substance Use Crises in NYC 

Katie Fee, BSN, RN, Nurse Care Manager, Drug User Health, Project Renewal –katherine.fee@projectrenewal.org

  • View presentation here.
    • Successes:
      • Efficient connection of patients living with Hep C to clinic for confirmatory testing and possible treatment
      • Effective navigation of undocumented patients living with Hep C to partner organizations that can facilitate treatment
      • High-quality pre/post-test counseling and efficient linkage to follow-up (ie, very personalized experience with testing)
    • Challenges:
      • Many clients know their status and decline further testing
      • Many clients in crisis are only in the program for a short period of time (with competing priorities) and may leave before they can engage with the testing team
      • Many clients feel they have too much instability in their lives to start treatment, which can pose a barrier to initiation
    • Next steps:
      • In the future, 820 nursing staff (when at full staff capacity) could be trained in pre-test counseling and could perform the testing, only involving the nurse care managers in care coordination, if necessary.

One Year Update from OnPoint NYC: The First Overdose Prevention Centers in the United States

Terrell Jones, Advocacy and Community Engagement Manager, OnPoint NYC –tjones@nyhre.org

    • OnPoint NYC, offers harm reduction services that meet people who use drugs “where they are.”
    • Highlights: At total of 633 overdose interventions, 145 overdoses were overturned, and 1.4 million syringes
    • Challenges: Funding
    • Legislative item: Safe Consumption Service Act

Policy and Advocacy

Meg Chappell, Program Manager, Empire Liver Foundationmegchappell@empireliverfoundation.org 

Viral Hepatitis Advocacy Leadership Team:

Hep Free NYC Committee Updates


  1. Adam Sammons, Project Lead, Community Health Initiatives, Inc., adam@chihealthcenter.com
  2. Adeeba Khan, Hepatitis Navigation Project Coordinator, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, akhan8@health.nyc.gov
  3. Alejandra Poma, Program Manager, BMS Family Health Center, apoma@bmsfhc.org
  4. Alex Ortiz, HCV Case Manager, Sun River Health, alortiz@sunriver.org
  5. Alexis Brenes, Community Project Coordinator, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, abrenes@health.nyc.gov
  6. Alexis Fields, Assistant Director, Systems Change for Outreach, Prevention, and Engagement (SCOPE), SUNY Downstate Medical Center, alexis.fields@downstate.edu
  7. Alma Chaves, Community Engagement Projects Coordinator, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, achaves@health.nyc.gov
  8. Alyson Clarke, Program Coordinator, HIV Prevention, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, aclarke5@health.nyc.gov
  9. Ana Ventuneac, VP Research and Evaluation, START Treatment and Recovery Centers, aventuneac@startny.org
  10. Anthony Feliciano, Vice President Advocacy and Community Mobilization, Housing Works, a.feliciano@housingworks.org
  11. Antony Atuhaire, Medical Laboratory Technician, Viral Hepatitis Community Partner, antonymuhanguzi2@gmail.com
  12. Aprielle Wills, Perinatal Hepatitis C Coordinator, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, awills@health.nyc.gov
  13. Ashly Jordan, Senior Epidemiologist, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, ajordan2@health.nyc.gov
  14. Aura Blanco-Buitrago, Care Coordinator, Mount Sinai Health System, aura.blanco-buitrago@mssm.edu
  15. Ayele Kessouagni, CUNY Intern/Consultant, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, akessouagni@health.nyc.gov
  16. Beatrice Zovich, Public Health Program Manager, Hep B Foundation, beatrice.zovich@hepb.org
  17. Brian Hennessey, Director of PrEP and Hepatitis C Initiatives, Housing Works, b.hennessey@housingworks.org
  18. Brittany Gross, Viral Hepatitis Services Program Manager, Indiana State Department of Health, bgross@isdh.in.gov
  19. Brooke Wyatt, Program Director, Mount Sinai Project Inspire, brooke.wyatt@mssm.edu
  20. Carolina Maria Bolanos, Peer Navigator, Vocal-NY, caro@vocal-ny.org
  21. Carolina Sirett, Director, Community Outreach and Partnerships, Community Health Action of Staten Island (CHASI), carolina.sirett@chasiny.org
  22. Caroline Romano, Mount Sinai Health System, caroline.romano@mssm.edu
  23. Cassandra Lamadieu, Viral Hepatitis Prevention Coordinator, Philadelphia Department of Public Health, cassandra.lamadieu@phila.gov
  24. Chelsea Pickett, Program Evaluator/Analyst, Harlem United, cpickett@harlemunited.org
  25. Constanza Martinez, Patient Navigator, Voces Latinas, cmartinez@voceslatinas.org
  26. Dan Knitzer, Assistant Director of Communications, The Alliance for Positive Change, dan@alliance.nyc
  27. Danielle Kroll, Assistant Director of Community Health, Lantern Community Services, Inc., dkroll@lanterncommunity.org
  28. David Cushman, Gilead Science, david.cushman@gilead.com
  29. David Yale, Therapeutic Specialist HCV Division, Gilead Science, david.yale@gilead.com
  30. Davina Francis, HIV Health Educator, Caribbean Women’s Health Association, dfrancis@cwha.org
  31. Dawn Schuk, Viral Hepatitis Community Partner, dawnhollynyc@aol.com
  32. Deanna Berlin, CBO Liaison, NYC DOHMH Sexual Health Clinics, dberlin@health.nyc.gov
  33. Debra Farron, Senior therapeutic specialist, Gilead Science, debra.farron@gilead.com
  34. Denesse Kleiman, Data Manager, NYC Health + Hospitals – Bellevue Hospital Center, denesse.kleiman@nychhc.org
  35. Derett Jepson, District Sales Manager, HCV NY, AbbVie, derett.jepson@abbvie.com
  36. Derwin Manigault, Community Liaison, RevCore Recovery Center of Manhattan, dmanigault@revcorerecovery.com
  37. Diana Diaz Munoz, Program Manager, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, ddiazmunoz@health.nyc.gov
  38. Dorothy Waterhouse, Program Director HIV/STD/Syringe Services, Santa Clara County Public Health Department, dwaterhouse@clarkcounty.in.gov
  39. Erin Connors, Epidemiologist, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ola3@cdc.gov
  40. Elena Rotov, Patient Navigator, After Hours Project, erotov@afterhoursproject.org
  41. Elicia Chacon, Tompkins County Health Department, echacon@tchd.org
  42. Eunice Casey, Senior Director for HIV Services, NEW YORK CITY HEALTH & HOSPITALS CORP, eunice.casey@nychhc.org
  43. Farma Pene, Community Projects Coordinator, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, fpene@health.nyc.gov
  44. Fatima Omarufilo, Patient Navigator, Montefiore Medical Center, alabaran@montefiore.org
  45. Fernando Valerio, Patient Navigator, Community Healthcare Network, fvalerio@chnnyc.org
  46. Frank Winter, External Affairs, Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services, frank.winter@cms.hhs.gov
  47. Gail Brown, Director, COPE, gbrown.cope@gmail.com
  48. Germaine Harry, Health Educator, Bedford-Stuyvesant Family Health Center, gharry@bsfhc.org
  49. Gil Cerpa, Patient Navigator, Praxis Housing Initiatives, gacerpa@praxishousing.org
  50. Gina George, Epidemiologist Data Analyst, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, ggeorge3@health.nyc.gov
  51. Gloria Glenn, Program Assistant, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, gglenn@health.nyc.gov
  52. Halimatou Konte, Health Program Director, African Services Committee, halimatouk@africanservices.org
  53. Hanna Jo, Community Health Navigator, MinKwon Center for Community Action, hanna.jo@minkwon.org
  54. Hasham Tariq, Ontario County Department of Public Health, hasham.tariq@ontariocountyny.gov
  55. Heather Anderson, Chautauqua County Department of Health & Human Services, andersonhl3@upmc.edu
  56. Holly Anger, Senior Surveillance and Research Scientist, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, hanger@health.nyc.gov
  57. HuiChen Wu, Assistant Professor, Columbia University, hw2057@cumc.columbia.edu
  58. Ibrahima Sankare, Testing Assistant and Outreach, African Services Committee, ibrahimas@africanservices.org
  59. Jagjit Kaur, United Sikhs, jagjit.kaur@unitedsikhs.org
  60. Jessica Middleton, Peer Navigator, Housing Works, j.middleton@housingworks.org
  61. Jie-Lei Jenny Wong, Health Educator/ Patient Navigator, Seventh Avenue Family Health Center at NYU Langone, jielei.wong@nyulangone.org
  62. Jiehui (Joy) Zhu, Patient Navigator, Charles B. Wang Community Health Center, jizhu@cbwchc.org
  63. Jihae Jeon, Mount Sinai Health System, jihae.jeon@mountsinai.org
  64. Joy Cambe, Program Coordinator, Empire Liver Foundation, joycambe@empireliverfoundation.org
  65. Joy Pak, Project Renewal, Inc., joy.pak@projectrenewal.org
  66. Julia Siebert, Nursing Supervisor, St. Louis County Department of Health, jsiebert@stlouiscountymo.gov
  67. Julie Yoshimachi, Nurse practitioner, Doctor of Nursing Practice, Charles B. Wang Community Health Center, jyoshimachi@cbwchc.org
  68. Justin Chen, Hep B Program Associate, Charles B. Wang Community Health Center, jchen@cbwchc.org
  69. Kalvin Shinrock, Health Education Specialist, Mount Sinai Health System, kalvin.shinrock@mountsinai.org
  70. Karina Escamilla, Manager at Latino Religious Leadership Program, Latino Commission on AIDS, kescamilla@latinoaids.org
  71. Kassidy Peterson, Utah Adult Immunization Coordinator, Epidemiologist II, Utah Department of Health & Human Services, kpeterson1@utah.gov
  72. Katie Fee, Nurse Care Manager, Project Renewal, Inc., katherine.fee@projectrenewal.org
  73. Kayla Kelly, Hepatitis CoordinatorHepatitis Coordinator, Virginia Department of Health, kayla.kelly@vdh.virginia.gov
  74. Kelly Riordan, HEP C Case Manager, Sun River Health, kriordan@sunriver.org
  75. Kevin Madera, Public Health Adviser II, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, kmadera@health.nyc.gov
  76. Kiara Lora, Director, HCV Treatment Network, Montefiore Medical Center, kialora@montefiore.org
  77. Lauren Meyers, MSL, Syneos Health, lauren.meyers@sh.vbivaccines.com
  78. Leandra Ureña, Hep C Community Navigation Program Coordinator, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, lurea@health.nyc.gov
  79. Lela Sabashvili, VP of Contracts, Lower East Side Harm Reduction Center, lela@alliance.nyc
  80. Lili Carrillo, Viral Hepatitis Community Partner, lili.carrillo@coloradohealthnetwork.org
  81. Liz Tang, Outreach and Navigation Supervisor, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, ltang@health.nyc.gov
  82. Lorna Manning, AVP Integrated Case Management & Population Health, St. John’s Episcopal Hospital, lmanning@ehs.org
  83. Lucy Vega, Program Coordinator/Case Manager, Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center, lvega@brooklynplaza.org
  84. Luis Alava Londono, Youth Counselor, Queens Pride House, lalava@hafnyc.org
  85. Luis Camacho, Hep C Harm Reduction Specialist, Positive Health Project, l.camacho@housingworks.org
  86. Luisana Goris, PrEP Patient Navigator, Acacia Network, lgreyna@lacasadesalud.org
  87. Marie Bresnahan, Project INSPIRE Program Director, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, mbresnahan@health.nyc.gov
  88. Mark Mullervy, Bridging Access to Care, mmullervy@bac-ny.org
  89. Mary Chiang, Patient Navigator, Charles B. Wang Community Health Center, mchiang@cbwchc.org
  90. Maryellen Novak, Communications Manager, African Services Committee, maryellenn@africanservices.org
  91. Matthew Lee, Manager, AcariaHealth, matthew.lee@acariahealth.com
  92. Mayrim Bernard-Vega, Viral Hepatitis Community Partner, mbernardvega@cdcfoundation.org
  93. Medesa Garrett, HCV Program Coordinator, Sun River Health, mgarrett@sunriver.org
  94. Meg Chappell, Program Manager, Empire Liver Foundation, megchappell@empireliverfoundation.org
  95. Melinda Curtis, Arkansas Department of Health, melinda.curtis@arkansas.gov
  96. Minhee Lee, Program Coordinator, Korean Community Services, mlee@kcsny.org
  97. Mosammat Jahan, Public Health Communications Assistant, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, mjahan2@health.nyc.gov
  98. Nadine Kela-Murphy, Clinical Practice Facilitation Program Manager, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, nkelamurphy@health.nyc.gov
  99. Natalie Taylor, Associate Director Public Health, Dynavax Technologies, ntaylor@dynavax.com
  100. Okhyun Ko, Manager, Korean Community Services, oko@kcsny.org
  101. Pedro Mateu-Gelabert, Associate Professor at CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy, CUNY School of Public Health, mateu-gelabert@sph.cuny.edu
  102. Perla Romero, Lower East Side Harm Reduction Center, perla@alliance.nyc
  103. Rahel Yosief, Project Coordinator, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, ryosief@health.nyc.gov
  104. Rebecca Berger, Policy Analyst, NYU Langone Health System, berger@nyulangone.org
  105. Robert Desrouleaux, Programs Manager, The Hepatitis C Mentor and Support Group, Inc., rdesrouleaux@hepatitiscmsg.org
  106. Sanam Nowrouzzadeh, Viral Hepatitis Community Partner, sanamnorooz@yahoo.com
  107. Sarah Ahmed, Communications and Community Engagement Coordinator, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, sahmed10@health.nyc.gov
  108. Sarah Braunstein, Assistant Commissioner of BHHS, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, sbraunstein@health.nyc.gov
  109. Sarah Danley, HIV/HEP C Prevention Program Manager, Joseph P. Addabbo Family Health Center, sadanley@addabbo.org
  110. Sarah Usher, HCV COORDINATOR, Sun River Health, susher@sunriver.org
  111. Seth Thomas, Viral Hepatitis Prevention Coordinator, Indiana State Department of Health, sethomas@isdh.in.gov
  112. Shamar Smalls, Project Coordinator, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, ssmalls1@health.nyc.gov
  113. Shanaz Hosein, Program Manager, HITE, Greater New York Hospital Association, hite@gnyha.org
  114. Shere Brooks, Harm Reduction Program Coordinator, Indiana State Department of Health, shbrooks@isdh.in.gov
  115. Sue Soliva, Massachusetts Department of Public Health, soliva@mass.gov
  116. Terrell Jones, Outreach, OnPoint NYC, tjones@nyhre.org
  117. Theodore Reid, Senior Engagement Specialist, Planned Parenthood of Greater New York, reid@ppgreaterny.org
  118. Timothy Au, Assistant Director of Support Services, APICHA Community Health Center, tau@apicha.org
  119. Tristan McPherson, Viral Hepatitis Program Medical Director, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, tmcpherson@health.nyc.gov
  120. Umaima Khatun, Program Manager, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, ukhatun@health.nyc.gov
  121. Versalle Shelton, Clinical Practice Facilitator, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, vshelton@health.nyc.gov
  122. Violet Armstead, Viral Hepatitis Community Partner, armviolet@gmail.com
  123. Y-Uyen Le Nguyen, Hep B Medical Director, Charles B. Wang Community Health Center, ynguyen@cbwchc.org
  124. Yacaris De Jesus, Patient Navigator, NYC Health + Hospitals – Bellevue Hospital Center, dejesus@nychhc.org
  125. Yanting (Kelly) Huang, Data Manager, Viral Hepatitis, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, yhuang5@health.nyc.gov

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