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Seeking Personal Stories About Living With Hepatitis C

Remedy Health Media, creator of the Live Bold Live Now initiative, works to empower patients and caregivers with the information and applications needed to efficiently navigate the healthcare landscape and as a result, to permit better health outcomes.

Live Bold, Live Now is an initiative developed by editors of Johns Hopkins Medicine Health After 50 and the University of California, Berkeley, Wellness Letter to help millions of patients live their best life now.

Patient-experts, through a beautifully produced multi-media experience and engaging content and tools, influence treatment decisions and inspire patients to take action. They are seeking a patient expert for their newest production on Hepatitis C.


  • Individuals who are living with Hepatitis C or who have had the experience of living with Hepatitis C and have been cured
  • Individuals willing to speak personally about their experience and willing to be interviewed
  • Individuals who want to feel empowered by telling their personal story and empower and inspire others, an advocate for those living with Hep C and anyone affected by Hep C
  • Please get in touch by Nov. 5th, if possible. (Yumhee Park,, 703-840-8009)


About the project:

  • Live Bold Live Now: Hepatitis C is a project that tells a story through text, photography, and video that seeks to empower and engage audiences living with Hep C, affected by Hep C, or anybody who is curious about the condition
  • Live Bold Live Now projects have tremendous reach and document the personal story of someone who has struggled or is struggling with a condition
  • Example of a Live Bold Live Now


About the company and website behind the project and about the producer:

  • Remedy Health Media manages the website, a health and wellness website that seeks to empower people living with chronic conditions by giving them an outlet to write, giving information, and fostering community
  • Lead producer is Yumhee Park: I’m interested in hearing inspiring and personal stories and allowing the individual to have an avenue to talk about their life in a real, honest way. I want to help tell their story in an engaging, visual, and thought-provoking way.



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