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Hep C Patient Navigator

Job Title: Viral Hepatitis C Patient Navigator/Public Health Advisor
Full Time (35-40 hours per week)
Location: Bellevue Hospital



1. Linkage to care

  • Track patients diagnosed with HCV at Bellevue Hospital using electronic medical record.
  • Contact patients by telephone and/or letter to provide appointment.
  • Make appointments in Infectious Diseases/Viral Hepatitis clinic using Soarian scheduling system.
  • Educate patients on alcohol cessation and how to limit transmission through initial phone contact or via letter.
  • Meet with inpatients diagnosed with HCV  to educate and provide immediate appointment upon discharge.
  • Provide reminders (calls, letters, text, email) for patient appointments.
  • Perform moderately difficult and responsible clerical work in maintaining and checking various kinds of records both in electronic and paper form in order to link to care.

2. Medical case management

  • Provide independent field-based health promotion curriculum education and skills building services to patients on assigned caseload with fidelity to the PACT Facilitator’s Guide for Health Promotion.
  • Track patients’ progress through the MCM health promotion curriculum.
  • Accompany patients to infectious diseases clinic appointments and ancillary services such as radiology or the laboratory.
  • Assist in health insurance enrollment.
  • Assist in medication/pharmacy prior authorization and coordination to access highly effective HCV medications.
  • Engage in treatment readiness counseling
  • Promote, monitor and document patient adherence to prescribed medications in accordance with patients’ track enrollments.
  • Coordinate ongoing navigation and logistical support for appointment keeping reminders, transportation and childcare arrangements.
  • Educate, coach and empower patients.
  • Perform modified DOT services with patients as assigned and as necessary.

3. Service documentation

  • Document appointments and commitments in Groupwise calendar and share access with other MCM staff.
  • Document services promptly in the electronic medical record.
  • Document metrics required for grant reporting purposes.
  • Maintains a safe environment for patients by ensuring the enforcement of safety policies; attend continuing education programs/training as scheduled; assist in the proper handling of patients’ protected health information to ensure HIPAA compliance; maintain tidy work area.

4. Participate as an Active Member of the Infectious Diseases Clinic

  • Participate in weekly case conferences with medical providers
  • Provide critical feedback to other members of the healthcare team based on observations in the field.

5. Patient Identification Responsibilities:

  • Two Patient identifiers at all time when dealing with patients

6. Other duties assigned by Administrative and Clinical Supervisors


Minimum Qualification:

  • Some college. Associate or Bachelor’s degree preferred.


To apply:

 Please send your Cover Letter and Resume to – Ellie Carmody, MD, MPH


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