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Even in these uncertain economic times, we believe expanding the potential and possibilities of the children and youth we serve is one of the few investments guaranteed to produce future dividends.

Safe Space NYCWe are focused on clearly defining outcomes of what success means for our kids. Holding ourselves accountable for achieving measurable results. Ensuring real changes in the lives of the children and families we serve. Providing our kids the equal chance they deserve to grow up healthy and safe.

Sheltering ArmsSafe Space is now Sheltering Arms. At Sheltering Arms NY, we believe that every child and family deserves an equal chance at future success. Our mission is to strengthen the education, well-being, and development of vulnerable children, youth, and families across the New York metro area so that everyone has the support and opportunity needed to maximize their potential. Through innovation and partnerships, we enable low-income children and families to take steps toward brighter futures, free from the cycle of generational poverty. We have maintained an unwavering commitment to our mission since 1831

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