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Hep Awareness in African Community Organizer (NYC)

The NYC Hep B Coalition and the NYC Hep C Task Force (, is seeking a community organizing Intern for the ‘Hep B & C in the African Community Initiative’ in affiliation with the national Coalition Against Hepatitis in People of African Origin (CHIPO).

The objectives of the NYC Initiative are:

  • To build community and provider partnerships for prevention and management of viral hepatitis
  • To raise awareness about hepatitis among African born populations
  • To make screening, immunization, and  referral services for African immigrants and refugees available
  • To increase hepatitis B screening and immunization rates for high risk African immigrants
  • To identify and reduce cultural and language barriers to immunization, screening, and treatment for liver diseases

Within the African diaspora, there is little attention to Hepatitis B and C. The concept of testing or engaging in medical services when asymptomatic is uncommon.  Stigma often precludes disclosure of status to others, and community support for positive cases and education is rare. Community organizations such as the African Services Committee offer HIV/Hepatitis prevention services to African immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers, and there is potential for greater partnership within the African and healthcare provider communities.

The responsibilities of the NYC African Hepatitis B & C Committee Lead Coordinator Intern are to:

  • Determine and develop strategies to meet the needs of the NYC African diaspora in regards to Hepatitis B and C
  • Lead organization of the Committee in coordination with the NYC Health Dept organizer of the NYC Hep B Coalition and NYC Hep C Task Force
  • Work with relevant Hepatitis B and C service providers to create and enhance partnerships
  • Co-organize and co-facilitate quarterly meetings
  • Represent the NYC initiative on National Coalition against Hepatitis in People of African Origin (CHIPO) monthly conference calls
  • Work 5 hours a week, with time divided working from home and from the NYC Health Department in Long Island City

The ideal candidate for this position will be:

  • A current graduate student in Public Health, Social Work, Nursing, Medicine, Public Policy or Public Service
  • Highly motivated and interested in working with Hepatitis B & C in the African diaspora
  • Comfortable in a leadership role, and interested in developing leadership skills
  • Comfortable with public speaking and outreach activities
  • Able to communicate well with health providers, public health officials and members of the African diaspora
  • Able to use Social Media

This internship will be supervised by:

Nirah Johnson, LCSW – Director of Program Implementation & Capacity Building

NYC Department of Health | Viral Hepatitis Surveillance, Prevention & Control Program

Lead organizer of the NYC Hep B Coalition and NYC Hep C Task Force

National Task Force on Hepatitis B – Vice Chair

To apply

Contact Costa Kokkinos, Community Organization Intern at




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