Team HOPE Meeting Highlights | 8-24-2017

NYC Health Department

August 24, 2017

Goals for the coming semester (Fall 2017)

  1. Conduct outreach at Hunter Health Fair
  2. Make at least 3 high school presentations
  3. Engage and partner with youth organizations (eg: The Door)
  4. Hold biweekly google hangouts


Upcoming tasks

  1. Outreaching to previously-contacted high schools – everyone! We can reformat the email that was sent last year, and then Caroline will send to the list of high schools.
  2. Creating When2Meet for biweekly meetings, then sending out final meeting time – Saumik
  3. Creating Team HOPE Instagram page – Mitsuka
  4. Getting in touch with The Door – Amela


Notes from Focus Group

  1. How is Hep C or related issues addressed amongst your peer groups? If Hep C itself is not address, are drug use and health risk addressed?
    • Very few people know about Hep C
    • When it comes to drug use, pot is talked about and normalized, but other drug use is kept secret/is stigmatized
    • There are no health classes about Hep C or similar diseases – health classes are either very broad and about general health, or very focused about health on a cellular level
      • Not something that is required
    • Most students get their information from online (eg: WebMD), or friend-to-friend
    • The opioid crisis is discussed, but not viewed as relevant to these individuals – instead is something that happens ‘elsewhere’ to ‘other people’
  2. What are the best ways to make Hep C prevention and screening resources available to your peers? (Resources could include print materials, places to get tested, addiction treatment services)
    • Short videos (~30 sec. in length) are popular on social media – are an easy way to catch people’s attention and give a brief overview
    • Using existing popular social media – Instagram is a great platform for publicity & allows tracking analytics
    • In-person events (could create a snapchat geofilter for an event)
    • Making resources available in school clinics & health centers
  3. What was the most interesting activity you took part in in the HOPE internship program? What internship activities were most likely to raise awareness about Hep C in young people?
    • Westside Campaign Against Hunger (WSCAH) Presentation was a great opportunity to engage with people
      • Audience was very interested – asked a lot of questions, allowed for clarification of misconceptions
      • Will be an ongoing opportunity → teacher expressed interest in more presentations
    • College presentations
      • Chance to engage with people
      • Allowed for exchange of ideas and experiences between people of different ages.
    • Outdoor tabling/interacting with people
    • Hepatitis Awareness Day
      • Engaging – helpful to have someone on the same level speak
      • Hopeful & inspiring to see so many other organizations & community members who care
      • Loved the connection between the arts and Hep C through rap.
    • Activities that work with art/pop culture
  4. What activities should we focus on next year?
    • Targeting presentations & resources to specific communities by using pre-surveys (for instance, developing different curriculum for youth who inject drugs, homeless youth, LGBTQ youth)
    • Using evaluations after activities to find out who is being reached (demographics) and what is most interesting audiences, as well as areas for improvement
    • Using existing health fairs & existing events, especially where there’s space
    • Making presentations
  5. How can we improve the internship program for next year?
    • Clearer goals and accountability
    • Regular check-ins
    • Dashboard to keep track of ongoing goals, projects, and events (use strengths & weaknesses)
    • Small deliverables
    • Breakdown of demographics of who we are reaching → who we’re missing

In Attendance

  1. Amela Paljevic, CUNY Hunter College,
  2. Daniel Calder, NYC Health Dept,
  3. Caroline Davidson, NYC Health Dept,
  4. Chad Alexander, CUNY Brooklyn College,
  5. Lily Lee, CUNY Brooklyn College,
  6. Mitsuka Attys, CUNY Brooklyn College,
  7. Prima Manandhar, CUNY Hunter College,
  8. Saumik Islam, CUNY Brooklyn College,


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