Preventing, Identifying, and Managing Hepatitis B
Virus Infection: City Health Information (CHI) (NYC Health Dept)

The New York City Health Department has released the 2018 version of City Health Information (CHI): Preventing, Identifying, and Managing Hepatitis B
Virus Infection. 

• Hepatitis B is a vaccine-preventable viral infection transmitted through blood and sex, and from mother to child during childbirth.
• Chronic hepatitis B virus infection can lead to liver disease, cirrhosis, liver cancer, and premature death.
• Screen all people at risk for hepatitis B virus infection and vaccinate patients who are not immune.
• For patients with chronic hepatitis B virus infection, provide counseling, evaluation for liver cancer, and treatment or referral for treatment if indicated.
• Refer to a specialist if you are unfamiliar with the most recent hepatitis B management guidelines.


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