Harm Reduction Counselor at Iris House

The Harm Reduction Counselor is responsible for conducting individual and group counseling on topics including sexual risk reduction, IDU risk reduction, HIV and/or Hepatitis C secondary prevention and medical treatment plan adherence.


  • Conducts individual and group counseling.
  • Along with client, defines the purpose and goal of counseling.
  • Introduces and encourages the adoption of positive behavior modifications.
  • Employs various Harm Reduction techniques in treatment.
  • Ensures clients understand and respect the confidentiality of treatment.
  • Respects and is knowledgeable of client’s rights.
  • Monitors, screens and assesses patient progress, develops engagement plans, and periodic evaluation as specified in state regulations.
  • Coordinates treatment within agency.
  • Makes appropriate referrals to outside agencies; assists patients in transactions with legal, social services and other agencies.
  • Performs essential data gathering activities.
  • Compiles a psychosocial history on all clients.
  • Updates profiles as necessary noting transactions and matters relevant to treatment especially those areas outlined by the supervisor and/or in program procedures.
  • Secures any approvals, releases, etc., required for treatment, as stated in the program policy and procedures manual.


  • Good knowledge of the client, his/her language, types of abuse, pharmacology of abused drugs, and social-economic influences.
  • Good knowledge of modern therapeutic methods, theories and practices.
  • Working knowledge of the system of social service that provides services to substance abusers, including treatment programs, therapeutic centers, and employment/educational opportunities.
  • Working knowledge of concrete services available and commonly used by clients.



  • Bachelors Degree or equivalent experience in Human Services Field
  • Bilingual (French/Spanish/English) a plus
  • MUST have CASAC/CASAC-T and Supervision counseling




Frequent contact with Iris House clients and department staff members; occasional contact with visitors.



Occasional contact with community and/or other agencies.



  • This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. The employee will also perform other reasonable related duties as assigned by the supervisor or management.
  • Management reserves the right to change, assign or reassign job duties and hours as needed prevail. This document is for management communication only and not intended to implied contract of employment.
  • I have read and understand this job description. I agree to accept the responsibilities and duties as outlined.
  • I understand that Iris House, Inc. is an “at-will” employer.


How to apply

Qualified candidates please send cover letter and resume to Maryse DeZulmat @ Mdezulmat@irishouse.org


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