Hep C Task Force Meeting Highlights

NYC Health Department – Jamaica Clinic

November 14, 2012 (3 – 5 PM)

Meeting Highlights

Coalition Evaluation Administered During Meeting

If you have not yet completed the evaluation, please evaluate the NYC Hep C Task Forces online

Discussion of the Hurricane impact on Queens, Far Rockaway Hep C Programs

In particular:

  • Addabbo – first floor destroyed
  • ACQC offices were closed for period of time. Syringe Exchange Mobile Unit has gone out – few regular SEP participants are showing up for harm reduction supplies.
  • Many Far Rockaway patients have been displaced, organization considering laying off staff.
  • Recovery Funding & Resources will be posted on the Coalitions website Funding Page and also the NYC Liver Health Facebook page as they arise.


Discussion of Specific Obstacles to Hep C Testing, Linkage to Care & Attendance at Hep C Support Groups in Queens

  • Obstacles brought forth: Lack of transportation; cost of transportation; lack of basic Hep C awareness & education in general community; multiple complete bio-psycho-social-economic concerns; private practice medical providers typically not screening; Funding streams force outreach workers to focus on one disease at a time rather than support integrated screening.
  • Solutions suggested: Develop 1 minute TV PSA Awareness Video; Find unique places where people at high risk congregate and bring education & services there (including housing facilities);  Collaborate with Home Visiting Programs to meet patients where they are (home nursing programs); Provide transportation to patients (pick them up); enhanced outreach to high risk neighborhoods and buildings in remote areas; Peer Outreach to increase trust,  comfort & role modeling; incentives that are perceived as valuable; identify medical provider champions in each specialty (including primary care) who will influence their peers to increase screening (learning collaborative);  Test in Emergency Departments (the only health care access many patients have); advocate for more integrated disease screening programs (screen for STDs, HIV, Hep B & C, etc together).

✔Check Hep C Update Queens:

Check Hep C offers Free: Hep C Rapid Testing, Confirmatory Testing, Patient Navigation & Support to get into Medical Care. Referrals are welcome!

  • Johanna Caicedo, Patient Navigator AIDS Center of Queens County (ACQC)  jcaicedo@acqc.org
  • Celia Correa, Check Hep C Patient Navigator – Community Health Care Network – CCorrea@chnnyc.org

Faith Based Outreach & Hep C

New efforts underway! – William Cuadrado wcuadrado@steinway.org

  • Discussion of approaches in working with Faith Based Organizations (FBO): Collective focus;  target incentives to benefit the collective (the FBO) rather than the individual; work to include Hep C info and events in FBO newsletters; dress appropriately for the community; approach the FBO through the main leader; connect with the Health Ministry in each FBO; Consider a blood drive rather than a testing event to reduce stigma; conduct needs assessment within each FBO.
  • Forming small leadership group with goals to connect FBOs with Hep C Education, Screening, Linkage to Care through collaboration with a local Hep C Program and to develop a citywide network of Faith Based Hep C leaders who can be called upon for events, advice and assistance.
  • Queens group formed: Organizer: William Cuadrado wcuadrado@steinway.org. Participants: Ira Weiss IWeiss@projectsamaritan.org; Celia Correa CCorrea@chnnyc.org; Shellyann Vassell, RN (SVassell@NSHS.edu); Raquel Algarin, RN ralgarin@acqc.org.

Holistic Health & Hep C

A new area of focus for the Task Force – Raquel Algarin, LPN, ACQC Syringe Exchange Coordinator – ralgarin@acqc.org

  • Provided info the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association Training Opportunity.
  • See also: Self Acupressure for Hepatitis C by www.HCVAdvocate.org
  • Stress reduction improves liver health. See: Stress & the Liver by www.HCVAdvocate.org
  • View further holistic health information on the coalition website Holistic Health page

CDC Funding for new Hep C Testing & Linkage to Care Programs in Queens

  • Damian Family Health Center – Hema Santhanam, MSN, CFNP, AAHIVS  HSanthanam@Damianfcc.org
    • Hiring an RN for the Hepatitis program, refer interested candidates to: Hema Santhanam
    • Establishing an enhanced Pre-Post Test Counseling protocol; a Hep C Peer Program and a Patient Navigation Program
      • Peer Based Hep C Program. Centerforce
      • Albert Einstien College of Medicine/Montefiore: Division of Substance Abuse has robust Hep C Peer Program. Contact: Lauren Cockerham-Colas, MPH, HCV Program Coordinator (LCockerham-Colas@DOSA.AECOM.YU.EDU).
      • Multiple Hep C Pre-Post Test Counseling Guides on the Coalition Website Program Tools for Testers
  • HELP/PSI – Jonathan Zellan, MD JZellan@projectsamaritan.org

Program Enhancement Opportunity Alert!

Screening Brief Intervention & Referral for Treatment (SBIRT) for Alcohol & Substance Abuse is a billable service under Medicaid, Medicare and Commercial Insurance.

  • All patients with Hep B or C should be screened for alcohol use and provided with alcohol reduction counseling & intervention if consuming alcohol.
  • Both time for the screening and several counseling appointments may be reimbursable.
  • The NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene – Bureau of Alcohol, Drug Use Prevention & Treatment will provide technical assistance in implementation of SBIRT at your program, including: SBIRT Trainings (4 hour training for licensed professionals, 12 hour training for non-licensed professionals); Work flow analysis; Billing & coding; and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) integration.
  • Contact: John R. McAteer, LCSW-R, SBIRT Health Care Systems Coordinator (jmcateer@health.nyc.gov) (347) 396-7031.

Hep C & the New NYS Medicaid Health Homes for People with Chronic Conditions: What can we expect? – Frank Winter, CMS frank.winter@cms.hhs.gov

Policy & Advocacy Update

See latest Action Alerts!

Meeting Closing

After meeting newly formed Faith Based Outreach group met until 5:45 PM to discuss next steps.

In Attendance:

Johanna Caicedo, Patient Navigator (jcaicedo@acqc.org);

Marvin Siegel, Dir Clinical Services (marvin.s@TownTotal.com);

Frank Winter (frank.winter@cms.hhs.gov);

Nicole Bannister (nbannister@health.nyc.gov);

Yelena Mullokandova (ymullokandova@health.nyc.gov);

Michael Simmons, Check Hep C Tester (msimmons@chnnyc.org);

Miryah Morris (miryah_morris@vrtx.com);

Gladys Jennerjahn (gjennerjahn@acqc.org);

Steve Linick (SLinick@Echodrx.com);

Greg Romen (greg@livercare.org);

William Cuadrado, Community Liaison (wcuadrado@steinway.org);

Ira Weiss (iweiss@projectsamaritan.org);

Tiffany Rojas, Youth Counselor (trojas@acqc.org);

Deborah Greene, Assis Dir (greened@nychhc.org);

Vassell, Shellyann (SVassell@NSHS.edu);

Elaine Poulos, Outreach Coordinator (Ekaniaris@KBHHomecare.com);

John Mcateer, LMSW (jmcateer@health.nyc.gov);

Celia Correa, Patient Navigator (CCorrea@chnnyc.org);

Carl Stubbs (carl.stubbs@rocketmail.com);

Raquel Algarin, SEP Coordinator (ralgarin@acqc.org);

Hema Santhanam, FNP (HSanthanam@Damianfcc.org);

Eric Rude (erude@health.nyc.gov);

Nirah Johnson (njohnso2@health.nyc.gov)

Training Schedule through December 2012

These State approved trainings are required for Medicaid reimbursement for SBIRT Services rendered.

For information and registration contact: Aisha A. Muhammad, LMSW (amuhamma@health.nyc.gov) 347-396-7006

4 Hour SBIRT Training for Credentialed Professionals: Credentialed Professionals are those who have been licensed or certified by the New York State Department of Education or the Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) I.e.:  LMSW, LCSW, MD, PA, NP, CARN, CRC, Licensed Psychologist, LMHC, RN, LPN, CSC, etc. or CASAC, CPP, CPS.  4 Hour SBIRT will certify the SBIRT services rendered by the professional to be billable.

Date:             Monday, December 17, 2012

Location:      Gotham Center, Room 2029 (Mann)
42-09 28th Street, LIC, New York 11101

Time:            9:30AM – 1:30PM

12 Hour SBIRT Training for Non-Credentialed Professionals:  Non-Credentialed Professionals are professionals that do not have a license or certification from the above agencies.  I.e.:  BA, MSW, MPS, MPH, GED/HS, Addiction Counselor, MS, BS, MA, Aide, CASAC-T, etc. They will need 12 Hour SBIRT (an additional 8 hours) to certify the SBIRT services rendered by the professional to be billable.

Date:            Tuesday & Wednesday – December 4-5, 2012

Location:     Gotham Center, Room 22-12 (Albert Sabin)
42-09 28th Street, LIC, New York 11101

Time:            9:30AM – 4:30PM (both days)

Upcoming Events

Screening Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT)

New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

  • 4 Hour SBIRT Training Certification for Credentialed Professionals
  • 12 Hour SBIRT Training Certification for Non-credentialed Professionals
  • Certification includes OASAS credentialing or renewal CEU’s for CASAC, CPP and CPS.

The Bureau of Alcohol & Drug Use Prevention, Care and Treatment has led the NYC Screening Brief Intervention and Referral for Treatment (SBIRT) initiative for over three years.  This evidence based practice, is now being utilized in a variety of New York City based health and allied health care settings.  These include EAPs, Hospital Emergency Departments, Primary Care Practices, School-based Health Clinics and the Department’s own STD Clinics.   Increasingly, SBIRT has been incorporated into the screening practices conducted by Social Services programs working with adolescents, and the elderly.

SBIRT, as part of an initial intake and periodic updates during follow-up patient visits, is an effective, efficient means of identifying individuals who are “at risk” for, or who suffer with alcohol and other types of substance use disorders. This clinically proven method of screening and assessment can take less than 10 minutes to perform.

The Bureau offers the following State Department of Health and Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse approved Training Components:

  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Scoring and interpretation of validated alcohol and other substance screening tools
  • Stages of Change Theory and its relationship to scoring and interventions used
  • Brief Interventions
  • Impact of Alcohol and other Substances on the person’s health and well-being

The Bureau offers the following Post – Training Support:

  • Periodic ongoing on-site Technical Assistance during the implementation phase
  • Coaching


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