Hep C Patient Educator at Montefiore

This position’s role is to educate patients enrolled in Project Inspire about liver health care in the presence of a positive Hepatitis C diagnosis, and in navigating the social service and medical system in order to access necessary supportive services to support liver health, complete a liver health medical evaluation, and initiate hepatitis C treatment if recommended by a liver medical specialist. This is done through a providing confidential pre and post-test counseling in various ambulatory settings, educating patients on Hepatitis C transmission, risk reduction and treatment and coordinating necessary care with clinical and medical staff on the hepatitis C team.


  • Bachelor’s Degree required in Public Health, Biology, Psychology or Education.
  • Three years of work experience required. Work experience in a community health role preferred.


  • Must possess sophisticated interpersonal and communication skills, as well as knowledge of Hepatitis management, community resources and fluency with medical terminology.
  • Must possess knowledge and experience with personal computers.
  • Must possess excellent decision making skills, the ability to manage multiple projects, time management and organizational skills.


  • Must possess the ability to communicate orally and in writing. Bilingual (English and Spanish) required.

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