Hep C and Transgender Health

While being transgender is not a risk for Hep C in itself, some trans individuals may be at increased risk for Hep C.


Hep C is spread when the blood of someone who is infected with Hep C comes in contact with the blood of someone else. You may be at risk for Hep C if you:

  1. Have ever shared equipment to inject silicone, drugs, hormones, or vitamins (equipment includes needles, cookers, cottons, water, etc.)
  2. Have received a tattoo or piercing at a place other than a licensed shop
  3. Have been involved or are currently involved in sex work.

Hep C is treatable and curable. The first step to keeping yourself healthy is getting tested. To find testing sites, click here.

Looking for trans-specific resources about Hep C, injecting hormones, and health in general? Check out the list below

Services and Resources

How to Safely Self-Inject Your Hormones
Harlem United provides advice and support for those self-injecting hormones.

Trans Women Support Group [Community Healthcare Network Bronx]
Community Healthcare Network Bronx has a group for trans women. For more information on CHN trans programs, contact Julian Cabezas.

Trans/GNC Feminine Spectrum [The LGBT Center]
The LGBT Center holds a support group the first Wednesday each month for those who identify as trans-femme, trans-women, women, trans-female, cross-dresser, drag queen, transsexual, femme queen etc. For more information, check out their calendar and TGNC resource page.

Trans Life, Health, and Support Resources [CK Life]
CK Life (Community Kinship Life) has many trans-specific resources available, from medical services and scholarships for surgery to a conference for Trans POC, Stealth/low-disclosing individuals, and their allies.

Trans Medical Support [Housing Works]
Housing Works provides medical support for adult and youth transgender individuals.

Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery [Mount Sinai]
The Center for Transgender Surgery and Medicine’s multidisciplinary approach to health care for transgender individuals incorporates primary care, transition care, and behavioral health in an affordable and accessible program.

Hep C Care and Treatment
If you are currently Hep C positive, we can help. Access care through the Check Hep C or Hep C Peer programs.

HIV & Hep C Co-infection Information
If you are currently HIV and Hep C positive, we can help. Learn more here, or consider joining the Trans*National Study.

FOR CLINICIANS: Transgender Health and Hepatitis C
The UCSF Center of Excellence for Transgender Health provides a through explanation of the intersection of trans identity and Hep C, and a detailed guide for Primary and Gender-Affirming Care of Transgender and Gender Nonbinary People.

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Keep a list of tips handy!

HCV and Transgender People

TransCend Safer Hormone Injection Guide

Orgullo y Salud - Consejos de salud para mujeres transgénero

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