An Organ Transplant Saved My Life. Tony’s Hep C Story

Tony is an advocate for the NY Organ Donor Network.

Tony had many operations for bleeding ulcers as a young man and received many blood transfusions.

Later in life, he went on to work in a dialysis center. Ironically, he  developed kidney disease, and eventually had to move into a nursing home to manage his grueling daily dialysis. He was placed on the kidney transplant list, and through the work-up was shocked to find out that he has hepatitis C.

He was told he would likely be on the transplant waiting list for 7 years, and became increasingly depressed. One day, a social worker in the nursing home informed him that he could accept a kidney that was infected with hepatitis C in order to get a transplant earlier. Tony’s quality of life was so poor at the time that he decided to take the risk. He went through with the transplant.

Three years later, he has his life back. He is healthy, medically stable, and in school to become a Medical Assistant. He doesn’t know what the future holds, but this choice was important for his quality of life now.

There are many others on the transplant waiting list in NY.

Become an organ donor today!

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