Specialty Pharmacy Hep B & C Treatment Adherence Programs

The NYC pharmacies listed below provide Hep B & C Treatment Adherence Programs. These local specialty pharmacies can help with ordering medication, counseling patients about use, and providing treatment adherence support.


Aureus Health Services Pharmacy

Janet Escalante: (718)-775-5018 jescalante@towntotal.com

Services: Patient Benefit Investigations, Help Obtaining Financial Assistance, Prior Authorization Handling and Appeals Support, Order Scheduling and Delivery, Patient Education and Training, Proactive Refill Management, ESAP (ESAP specifically at Albany and Melville locations).



CarePlus New York/CVS Caremark Specialty Pharmacy

Brett Douglas: (212) 807-8798 Brett.douglas@caremark.com

Services: Dedicated Pharmacists with expertise in HCV, Registered nurse team telephones patients to provide therapy education and support, Benefits verification for both medical and pharmacy insurance, Financial assistance coordination, Prior authorization assistance, Side effect and adherence management, Lab and physician appointment reminders, 24/7 Clinical Phone Support.


MinuteClinic Hep C Services

Services: Rapid antibody test (finger stick blood sample), Results given to patient immediately, Patients testing reactive (Positive) referred to PCP for further evaluation and testing, Patient education material provided, Approx 30 min visit (test takes 20 min to develop), Most insurances accepted, NP/PA visit – all locations in NY, HIV testing also available at NY MinuteClinic locations.


Specialty Connect – Specialty medication pick up at CVS Retail Stores

Maureen Espensen: (847) 559-5619 maureen.espensen@caremark.com
Services: Provides insurance guidance and clinical support for specialty drugs.

The Bronx

Boom! Pharmacy

Tel: (718) 292-0900 Fax: (718) 292-0909

Services: eScribe, insurance and prior authorization assistance, free same day delivery. NPI#10801162375


LeMed Pharmacy

Jackie Acevedo-Villanueva (718) 231-4040 jackie.leroyrx@gmail.com

Services: One-on-one medication counseling, direct advocacy regarding linkages to care (Hep C specialist), insurance and prior authorization assistance, Hep C workshops, assistance obtaining medications, Delivery 7 days a week , bi-weekly Hep C support group, and on-going individual supportive services.


Pilgrim Pharmacy Inc.

Ray Macioci: (718) 823-1085 pilgrimpharmacy@gmail.com

Services: Pick-up and delivery options, Direct assistance in obtaining prior-authorization for all medications, Prescription refill reminders, Educational materials(monographs in both English and Spanish), Home delivery in many areas including Pennsylvania, Refill and adherence reminders, Staff pharmacist always on call to answer any questions


STAT Pharmacy

Sylvia Nieves: (718) 538-4754 SylviaN@statrxpharmacy.com

Services: Peer Education/ Support Groups, Free Prescription Delivery, Provides Educational Lectures (ex: Hepatitis C & Health 1st Insurance Co), Covers 100% of HCV medication for those without Insurance, ESAP.



HealthPath Pharmacy

Ed Altman: (718) 686-6677, 1-844 HEPCNYC ed@merrickpharmacy.com

Services: Refill alerts (RefillAlert.com), prior-authorization assistance, behavioral health services, laboratory services, dental care, health education services, and specialty care services(including hepatitis C), medication coverage costs for uninsured patients.


Kings Pharmacy

Nancy Liu: (718) 230-3535 nancy.l@kingsrx.com
Rebecca Massachi (718) 230-3535 x 110  rebecca.m@kingsrx.com

Services: Custom Blister Packets, Pill Boxes, Delivery w/in Tri-State area, Clinical Pharmacist on Staff, Help Patients enroll in Prescription Programs, Direct assistance obtaining medications. One-on-one medication counseling, Monthly patient follow-ups, Hep C medications available on hand, ESAP (ESAP specifically at Clarkson Ave Brooklyn location).


City Drugs Specialty Pharmacy

Renata Baybis: renata@citydrugsonline.com

Services: Financial Assistance, Patient Benefits Investigation, Prior Authorization Approvals and Appeals Support, One-on-one Counseling with a Clinical Pharmacist, Free Delivery & Pick-up Options, Patient Education and Training, Refill and Adherence Reminders, Hep C Support Programs, ESAP provider.



Briova/Echo Pharmacy

Steven Linick: (917) 450-3209 steven.linick@briovarx.com

Services: Custom Medication Schedules, Custom Information Packets, Custom Blister Packs, Co-mingled Packets, Pill Boxes, Free Prescription Delivery, Monthly Reminders, Provide Educational Lectures (Hepatitis).


City View Pharmacy

Harry Xidias: (718)545-2550 noel@cityviewpharmacy.com

Services: Custom Medication Schedules, Custom Information Packets, Custom Blister Packs, Free Prescription Delivery, Monthly Reminders, Expertise in HIV/HCV Co-infection.


Evers Pharmacy

Dave Watts: (718) 292-0900 dave@eversrx.com

Services: Custom Blister Packets, Delivery 7 Days a Week, Experience with High Risk Individuals/ Homeless/Substance Abusers, Co-located with HELP/PSI Health & Wellness Center, Within a Harm Reduction Center, Co-Pay Assistance, Free Consultation, ESAP. Also in the Bronx.


Merrick Pharmacy

Edward Altman: (917) 292-1550 ed@merrickpharmacy.com or merrickpharmacy@gmail.com

Services: Custom Medication Schedules, Custom Blister Packs, Free Prescription Delivery, Bedside Counseling, Pill Boxes, Co-Pay Assistance, Refill alerts (RefillAlert.com), Prior-authorization assistance, Behavioral health services, Laboratory services, Dental care, Health education services, and Specialty care services(including hepatitis C), Medication coverage costs for uninsured patients.


Watson’s Pharmacy

Jerry Louie: (718) 359-1188  Info@WatsonsPharmacy.com

Services: Support group once a month for HCV, Financial assistance, Help for undocumented, Education Lectures on Adherence & healthy Lifestyles, Pill Boxes, Custom Blister Packs, Free Prescription Delivery, ESAP.


For a full list of ESAP pharmacies in New York, click here.


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