Sign On | Hep C 2017 NYS Budget and Legislative Platform

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VOCAL-NY and Harm Reduction Coalition have released the Hep C 2017 State Budget and Legislative Platform:

The platform recommends increasing funding for Hep C programs to expand:

  1. Statewide Hep C Surveillance: NYS currently lacks resources to monitor the Hep C epidemic, investigate new outbreaks, and utilize epidemiological data to efficiently guide public health resources.
  2. Prevention: The statewide increase in prescription opioid and heroin injecting, especially among young people, has put a new generation at risk of Hep C infection.
  3. Linkage to Care and Treatment: Hep C peer and patient navigation services modeled on programs developed to combat the HIV epidemic have been vital to engaging and retaining people in care and treatment.
  4. Criminal Justice Initiative: Expand the existing NYS DOH Criminal Justice Initiative to include Hep C prevention, opt-out or universal Hep C screening and support services.

Sign On!

To sign on or for questions, contact Mike Selick, Hep C Program Coordinator at Harm Reduction Coalition.


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