CME/CNE | Preventing Injection-Associated Infections (NYC Health Dept)

The City Health Information (CHI) publication is an evidence-based clinical bulletin for health care providers throughout New York City.

The “Preventing Injection-associated Infections in Outpatient Settings” CHI was written to improve patient safety by highlighting unsafe injection practices that increase the risk of infections. The CHI will cover epidemiology of injection-associated infections in the city, in particular the epidemiology of hepatitis B and C, local and national hepatitis and non-hepatitis outbreaks related to unsafe injection practices, guidelines and recommendations for safe injection practices, ways to report suspected infections and outbreaks, and information on other provider resources for safe injection knowledge and training.

Topics covered: Injection-associated infection epidemiology and prevention, safe injection practices, drug diversion prevention, safe blood glucose monitoring practices

To complete this course for CME/CNE credits, visit the CDC’s Training and Continuing Education Online page.


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