PREP-C | Psychosocial Readiness Evaluation & Prep for Hep C Treatment

Psychosocial Readiness Evaluation & Preparation for Hep C Treatment (PREP-C) is a free interactive online tool to assess and improve a patient’s readiness to begin Hep C treatment.


The PREP-C was developed by an NYC Hep C Task Force workgroup of psychologists, social workers, medical providers and patient navigators specializing in Hep C treatment readiness and adherence.


The PREP-C guides health care providers in assessing nine areas of psychosocial functioning that are most relevant to preparing for successful Hep C treatment. These areas frequently relate to Hep C treatment adherence, early treatment discontinuation, and treatment outcome. Results of the assessment guide the development of a  plan to improve readiness to begin Hep C treatment.

PREP-C Features

  • Conduct the assessment online and print or save the report for your patient chart!
  • Use of the tool is completely free.
  • No identifiable patient information is required.

PREP-C Assessment Areas

  1. Motivation: Reasons client wants to begin Hep C treatment, concerns about treatment, and importance of treatment.
  2. Information: Knowledge about  Hep C  treatment and one’s own Hep C disease status.
  3. Medication Adherence: Current prescribed medications and adherence to them in prior month.
  4. Self-Efficacy: Self-confidence about adhering to Hep C treatment.
  5. Social Support and Stability: Stability of financial, housing, and social support resources.
  6. Alcohol and Substance Use: Alcohol and substance use behaviors and current treatment.
  7. Psychiatric Stability: Current psychiatric status, previous and current treatment.
  8. Energy Level: Sleep and fatigue.
  9. Cognitive Functioning: Perceived difficulty with communication in health care setting, problem-solving ability, and memory.


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