NYC Hep C Toolkit

This NYC Hep C Toolkit page provides tools and resources for staff providing or managing  hepatitis C (Hep C) navigation and care coordination services. These materials were identified or developed through the work of the NYC Check Hep C Patient Navigation Program and Hep C Peer Navigation Program. You can visit our site locator page, if you need help making a referral for hepatitis testing and care.

In order to serve the needs of patients through the pandemic, please see this list of Coronavirus and Hepatitis Community Resources. 

NASTAD Hep C Community Navigation Model and Toolkit

The NASTAD Hep C Community Navigation Toolkit is available to any organization planning to start Hep C navigation services. The toolkit includes data collection tools and program protocols developed  by the NYC Health Department. To request navigation program implementation support:

Commonly Used Hep C Navigation Tools

Please view a complete list of Hep C navigation resources in the Navigator Tools section below, including NYC Health Department materials that can be used for outreach and inreach (order free materials here).

Reduce Your Risk of Overdose Hep C & HIV

Tools and Training for Hep C Navigation, Programs and Clinicians

See Hepatitis Training Guide for more clinical and non-clinical training opportunities and full descriptions.
All trainings are offered online (all in-person trainings are cancelled due to COVID-19).

Core Training List for Patient Navigation

  1. Program Start-Up Training for contracted organizations (NYC Health Department)
  2. Intro to Viral Hep (NYC Health Department TTAP)
  3. Hepatitis C Basics (Archived Webinar – NYS AIDS Institute)
  4. Hep C Patient Navigation (NYC Health Department TTAP or Harm Reduction Coalition)
  5. Talking with Clients about Hepatitis C Treatment (Archived Webinar – Harm Reduction Coalition)
  6. Hep C Prior Authorization (Archived Webinar – HepCure)
  7. Motivational Interviewing Overview and Practice (NYS AIDS Institute)
  8. Harm Reduction Approach (Archived Webinar – Harm Reduction Coalition)
  9. Overdose Prevention and Hepatitis Navigation (NYC Health Department)
  10. Trauma Informed Care (NYS AIDS Institute)
  11. Mental Health First Aid
  12. Medical Interpretation Certification (National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters)

Core Training List for Peer Navigation

  1. Program Start-Up Training for contracted organizations (NYC Health Department and Harm Reduction Coalition)
  2. Intro to Viral Hep (NYC Health Department TTAP)
  3. Hep C Basics for Peer Workers (NYS AIDS Institute)
  4. Hep C Medical Care and Treatment Update for Peer Workers (NYS AIDS Institute)
  5. Talking with Clients about Hepatitis C Treatment (Archived Webinar – Harm Reduction Coalition)
  6. Motivational Interviewing (Harm Reduction Coalition or NYS AIDS Institute)
  7. Harm Reduction Approach (NYS AIDS Institute)
  8. Overdose Prevention and Hepatitis Navigation (NYC Health Department)
  9. Trauma Informed Care (NYS AIDS Institute)
  10. Mental Health First Aid

Most core trainings listed above provide credits for the NYS Peer Worker Certification Program. See important information related to certification delays due to COVID-19.

Recommended Training for Navigators

Depending on the navigator role at organization

  1. Hep C Rapid Testing (NYC Health Department TTAP)
  2. Hepatitis C Prevention and the Role of Syringe Services Programs (Archived Webinar – Harm Reduction Coalition)
  3. Substance Abuse Brief Intervention & Referral to Treatment (SAMHSA)

Clinical Training

  1. Hep C Clinical Care and Treatment Series (Empire Liver Foundation)
  2. Hepatitis Technical Assistance opportunities for clinical providers
  3. HIV/Hep C Co-infection National Curriculum (AIDS Education & Training Center)
    Includes topics on prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment recommendations as well as barriers and other co-factors that may impede optimal treatment outcomes for co-infected people of color
  4. Buprenorphine waiver training (NYC Health Department)
  5. Medical Interpretation Certification (National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters)

Patient Navigator Workflow – DOHMH
Visual service map to identify people living with Hep C and navigate them through care and treatment

Project Implementation Reporting Tool – DOHMH
Provides a template for assessing progress of quality improvement projects and running EHR queries

Hepatitis C Cure Day Toolkit – New York State Department of Health
Guide to plan events to celebrate patients cured of Hep C.

NY Hepatitis Data
Viral hepatitis surveillance data to help with reports, grant applications, advocacy and more! 

Trauma-Informed Approaches Toolkit – Tools and Assessments – NASTAD
Downloadable tools and assessments created by NASTAD geared towards RWHAP Parts, HIV prevention programs, and other related community and clinical programs and organizations.

Electronic Health Record Query Tool to assess hepatitis C screening and treatment rates at organization

New York State Hepatitis Telehealth Resources
This page offers guidance and resources for implementing telemedicine and providing hepatitis care through this approach, and how to join the NYS Telehealth Workgroup.

Patient Assessments

Navigator Guides

Patient Engagement

Most patient engagement tools listed below can be ordered for free from the NYC Health Department by using this Viral Hep Educational Materials Listing Order Form

Outreach and Testing

  1. Hepatitis C: Get Checked, Get Cured Palm Card (English · Español · Русский) – NYC Health Department
  2. Hep C and Your Liver Booklet  (English · العربية · Русский · Español · اردو) – NYC Health Department
  3. Hepatitis C and Women (English · Español) – NYS Department of Health
  4. Appointment & Patient Rights Palm Card (English · Español) – NYC Health Department
  5. Hep C Care Roadmap (English · Español) – NYC Health Department
  6. Hepatitis C More Than Liver Disease Factsheets– National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable
    Educational materials on health conditions linked to hepatitis C as a causing factor or making the condition worse, such as, skin rash, kidney disease, diabetes, heart disease, and depression.
  7. Interpretation of Hepatitis C Virus Testing Results – Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  8. Hepatitis C 101 in 60 seconds video CDC
  9. Patient Testimonial on being co-infected with HIV and Hep C video – Living Positive Victoria

Health Coaching around Substance Use

  1. Alcohol and Hepatitis Palm Card (English · Español) – NYC Health Department
  2. Reduce Your Risk of Overdose, Hep C & HIV Z-Fold Palm Card (English · Español · Русский) – NYC Health Department
  3. Safety Tips for People Who Use or Inject Drugs Booklet (English · Español ·  Русский) – NYC Health Department

Linkage to Cure

  1. Hep C Care Plan Form – NYC Health Department
  2. Hep C Treatment Planning Form – NYC Health Department
  3. Hep C Medication Factsheets – Treatment Action Group
  4. Passport to Cure (HIV and Hep C co-infected) – AIDS Education & Training Center
  5. HIV and Hepatitis C Coinfection – HCV Advocate
    Basic guide on HIV and Hep C coinfection highlighting  treatment options along with recommendations on how to remain healthy and other helpful resources
  6. Hep C Free Postcard – AIDS Education & Training Center
  7. Certificate of Cure (English · Español) – New York State Department of Health

To learn more about Hep C click here.

Hep C Guidelines and Patient Resources

Testing Recommendations for Hep C Virus – Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
All adults 18 years or older should be tested for Hep C at least once in their lifetime, and all pregnant persons should be tested during each pregnancy (published 2020)

Hepatitis C: Information on Testing & diagnosis – CDC
Basic testing and diagnosis information on Hep C

Recommended Testing Sequence for Identifying Hepatitis C Infection – CDC
A visual representation of the recommended Hep C testing sequence

Interpretation of Hepatitis C Virus Test Results – CDC
Clear interpretations of Hep C test outcomes and guidance necessary action

Recommendations for Hepatitis C Screening and Treatment in People Who Use Drugs – Hep Free NYC

HIV and Hep C Coinfection

To learn more about HIV and Hep C co-infection, click here.

Hep C Medical Care and Treatment Guidelines – American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases

Hepatitis C and People Who Inject Drugs – Project Inform
This resource list for medical providers includes access to up-to-date information on care, treatment, harm reduction and substance use recommendations for PWID and are living with Hep C.

Hep C Drug Guides – Positively Aware
List of medications to treat Hep C with specifications and market price.

Hepatitis Drug Interactions – Liverpool
Search tool to identify interactions between Hep C medications and other drugs.

Vaccinate against Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B in People Who Inject Drugs – Centers for Disease Control
Resources and guidelines for healthcare providers and people who inject drugs on viral hepatitis, and getting vaccinated for Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B.

Referral List of NYC Syringe Exchange Programs (SEP)
List of SEPs registered with the NYC Health Department’s Bureau of Alcohol & Drug Use, Prevention Care and Treatment

Strategy to Fight the Opioid Crisis – Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

 Also see list of Coronavirus and Hepatitis Community Resources that may address patient needs. 

Food, Phone and Transportation 

Harm Reduction, Substance Use and Mental Health 

Health Care Access Needs

Housing Assistance  

  • HUD Exchange directory to locate homelessness assistance and resources
  • National Domestic Violence Hotline, trained advocates talk confidentially with callers experiencing domestic violence or seeking resources and information about unhealthy aspects of their relationship. Phone: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233); deaf or hard-of-hearing: 1-800-787-3224 (TTY).
  • BronxWorks: Benefits enrollment, NYC ID, 24 hr Drop-in center and case managements for people actively living on the street. Contact: (718) 893-36068, 800 Barretto St, Bronx, NY 10453
  • HomeBase: Eviction prevention and acquiring housing vouchers (locations citywide)
  • Fortune Society Benefit Access Program: Connecting formerly incarcerated individuals to benefits including Medicaid and identification. Contact: Nicholas Posada, Supervisor of Benefit Access Program (212) 691-7554 x3678, Direct phone: 347-510-3678. Walk-In hours Monday-Thursday (8am-6pm), 2976 Southern Blvd Bronx, NY 10458.
  • Coalition for the Homeless: Helps homeless individuals and families access a shelter or other services, Crisis Intervention emergency hotline 1(888)-358-2384 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
  • The Bridge Fund: Prevents homelessness for vulnerable, working poor individuals and families and provides eviction prevention services. Contact: 212-257-8433 (Tuesday – Thursday).
  • Catholic Charities (Manhattan/Bronx): Eviction prevention, food assistance, and immigrant and refugee services. Help Line for other resources 888-744-7900 (8am-5:30pm)
  • CAMBA(Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Queens): Gathering Place Drop-In Center offers 24 hr drop-in services for single homeless adults, assistance with shelters, social services, and housing placement assistance. Contact: (718) 408-5766 x66200

Corrections/Justice System 

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