Harm Reduction Peer Academy @ Housing Works

(Application: Due January 9, 2023)

Purpose of Harm Reduction Peer Academy:

The Housing Works Manhattan Harm Reduction and Syringe Services Program was established in October 1992. Its purpose is to provide equipment, counseling, and interventions to minimize the harmful effects of substance use and to encourage safer behaviors. This is part of a low-barrier approach to reach people who are often left out of the clinical setting and to reduce the transmission of blood-borne infections like HIV and Hep C. The goal of the Peer Academy is to provide an opportunity to work in a professional capacity delivering harm reduction interventions. The Academy provides support to the various Housing Works departments throughout the Housing Works Community and is expanding this opportunity to partnered organizations. The program requires applicants to be engaged in a service plan and to have a solid and consistent support system. Classes are three days a week for six weeks.

The curriculum is divided into three modules:

a) Substance Use

b) Sexual Health

c) Professional Development

An initial test is given to assess participants’ baseline understanding of the course material, and a final exam after all modules are completed.Successful completion of the Harm Reduction Peer Academy is evaluated based on active participation in class, attendance, and exam performance. While this program does not guarantee employment after graduation, the program can assist participants might they are open to pursue available employment.

Applicant must have:

  • Lived experience with HIV, Hep C, or accessing harm reduction services.
  • Been enrolled in a Housing Works life-saving program or a similar program in a collaborating/partnering agency for at least 3 months.
  • In compliance with program regulations and treatment plan.
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate efficiently, complete given assignments, and function in a group environment.
  • Be dependable, dedicated, and have a willingness to serve their community.

To apply please follow these directions:

  • Complete all sections in the application to the best of your ability
  • Have your provider complete a letter of recommendation
  • Send completed application via e-mail to j.clary@housingworks.org

Send completed application and supporting documents to:

Jacob Clary
E-Mail: j.clary@housingworks.org
Phone Number: 212-677-7999 x4507

Click here for the Peer Academy Application – Winter 2023

View program flyer here.

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