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NYS Hep C Telemedicine Workgroup – Meeting Notes

July 16 (10 – 11 AM) via Webinar

In attendance at this meeting: See below notes

Next Meeting: Thursday, August 20 – 10:00 AM


Workgroup Chair: Andrew Talal, MD, University at Buffalo,

Workgroup goals: Short term: Identify, assess, document and disseminate current strategies and opportunities to provide hepatitis C treatment in substance use treatment facilities, via telemedicine. Long-term: Develop a NYS Telehealth network to provide a forum for ongoing learning and sharing of best practices to promote hepatitis B and C care and treatment through telehealth.


Meeting Notes

HCV TX in Substance use TX programs

  • Sending a letter to OASAS, the Governor’s Office and Medicaid Director is an acceptable approach
  • OASAS is concerned with HCV treatment implementation in OTPS including OTP Provider capacity to treat HCV, the need for provider training, and the lack of care coordination services
  • Questions posed by group members:
    • Can health insurance pay for telemedicine for health care services (ex. HIV care) other than those delivered by IOP-intensive outpatient program (ex. mental health evaluation). Will be discussed with OASAS Legal
    • Need to assess racial disparities in HCV treatment access depending upon involvement in methadone vs buprenorphine treatment
  • Recommendation to propose HCV treatment in OTP model to CMS as an innovation center or another form of demonstration project.

Telemedicine implementation Discussion

  • HCV medication prior approval process is currently very fast. There is no longer the requirement for full set of labs.
  • Data on HCV treatment via telemedicine efficacy and acceptability would be useful for CMS

Workgroup Planning

  1. Invite billing person to workgroup
  2. Medicare physician care fee schedule – comment period comingUpd



In Attendance:

  1. Aisha Khan, DO, Hudson River Health Care,
  2. Alvin Chu, MA, MPH, START Treatment and Recovery Centers,
  3. Andrew Talal, MD, SUNY Research Foundation,
  4. Angelica Ramirez, Mount Sinai Health System,
  5. Anthony McLeod, START Treatment and Recovery Centers,
  6. Arslan Mohamed, NYC DOHMH,
  7. Cassandre Walker, START Treatment and Recovery Centers,
  8. Colleen Flanigan, RN, NYS DOH,
  9. Frank Winter, Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services,
  10. Irving Dela Cruz, START Treatment and Recovery Centers,
  11. Jeff Weiss, REACH,
  12. Jessie Schwartz, RN, MPH, NYC DOHMH,
  13. Julia Hunter, Binghamton General Hospital,
  14. Kelly Ramsey, MD, OASAS,
  15. Laura Shannon, Hudson River Healthcare,
  16. Marie Bresnahan, MPH, NYC DOHMH,
  17. Meg Chappell, MPH, Empire Liver Foundation,
  18. Nadine Kela-Murphy, MPH, NYC DOHMH,
  19. Nirah Johnson, LCSW, NYC DOHMH,
  20. Sandeep Krishnan, MBA, MS, Med Tech International,
  21. Stephanie McHugh, NYCDOHMH,
  22. Tessy Koshy, START Treatment and Recovery Centers,

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