NYC Hep B Patients for a Cure Committee Goal

Working towards a cure for HBV infection through collective action


The Committee will provide advice to drug/medical diagnostics developers on issues related to clinical development of investigational and marketed drugs/diagnostics and their use by patients with chronic HBV infection.

The Committee may consider topics such as:

  • Patient-centric clinical trial design
  • Patient preference study design
  • Benefit-risk determinations
  • Unmet medical needs
  • Patient reported outcomes or health status issues
  • Other patient related topics

Proposed Next Steps

  • Contact Henry if you are interested to join and serve on the Committee
  • The Committee will convene its first meeting in July 2017
  • Working with community partners, organize and host a citywide workshop on “Ending the Hep B Epidemic” with an official kick-off for the Committee (4Q17)
  • Invite HBV drug developers to review and provide patient-centric inputs on issues related to clinical trial strategies, protocols, and designs

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